Learn about American history

The 13 colonies quiz is all about American History, especially about the 13 colonies. Originally, the 13 colonies were the British colonies that lie in North America on the east coast between New England and Florida. These colonies were finally merged to form the United States. The quiz basically consists of the questions of the maps related to the 13 calories.

13 colonies quiz generally and educational game which teaches the students about American history with the help of the maps and quiz related to it. The question is not only for the children but also for the adults as it makes some learn new and different facts about American history.

What are the countries in the list of 13 colonies?

The countries in the 13 colonies from the United States and are stretched between New England and Florida. The first one is Virginia which was founded in the year 1607 by John Smith and his company in London. Then New York in the year 1626 was founded by the Dutch and was added to the 13 colonies in the year 1664. The new hemisphere was founded by John Mason in the year 1623 and later it was owned by John Wheelwright.

After that in the year 1630, Massachusetts Bay was founded by the Puritans  who were in the way of finding freedom for the religion. Then Maryland was founded in the year 1633  by George and Cecil Calvert who made it a safe place for the people who were practicing the Catholics. Thomas Hooker when he was to leave Massachusetts, founded Connecticut in the year 1636.

Rhode Island was found in the year 1636 by Robin Williams for the people who wanted to practice their religion freely. After that Delaware was founded by Peter Minuit and his new Sweden company in the year 1638 but it was added to the 13 colonies in the year 1664. Originally the part of province of California, North California came into the 13 colonies in the year 1663 but later it was split from South California in the year 1712.

Later on in the year 1664, the Dutch people used to live in New Jersey but the Britishers took full control over it in the year 1664 and added it to the 13 colonies. The Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn and the team of Quakers in the year 1681. Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in the year 1732 and it was added to the 13 colonies for the settlement of his debt.

The Founder, however, forceful forcefully made to handover the land he found to the British which was eventually added to the 13 colonies. Nowadays, the quiz is all about the colonies and the year and who founded them. So comma, as we know that 13 colonies are stretched between New England and Florida and, is lying on the east coast of North America. Basically, 13 colonies are Island where another country has a political control on them.