Limits You Need For the Proper Magnetic Loop Now

Indeed, on the first ear contours the magnetic hearing, especially for the phone, was triggered by an intermediate position, called “T”, the switch M / A. Today, this is a program that must be activated by the hearing care professional, for the boucle d’induction magnétique, or by the adjuster for the implant. Its triggering is done by push button or by means of a remote control. On certain hearing aids and on certain implants the passage in position “T” is done automatically when you bring closer a telephone handset allowing the listening in position “T” of your prosthesis or implant. Activation of the “T” position by your hearing care professional is free.

The positions “T” and “MT”

In the “T” position the microphones of the hearing instrument or implant are disconnected and the sound comes only from the BIM. In the “MT” position the sound comes from both the magnetic loop and the microphones. A deep deaf person will tend to prefer the “T” position, which allows a strong amplification of the earloop by avoiding whistles due to feedback, but which does not allow him to hear himself speak and isolates him from his environment. 

To listen to the television with the family, the telephone or the meeting, the mixed position (MT position) is often preferable. If the standard loop / microphone percentage is usually 50%, it can be modified, on recent hearing aids, by the hearing care professional according to the type of hearing loss and habits of the hearing impaired person. This setting is free, it is included in the price of your hearing aid. With the latest-generation implants, this percentage can be set directly by the user using the remote control.

How to test the correct functioning of its “T” position

This test should be done at your hearing care professional. Indeed the regulation requires each hearing care professional to have a BIM in his office. At the same time, you should avoid testing the “T” position of your device and new BIM equipment.

How to use a phone in “T” position?

Beforehand it is necessary to put his earloop or implant in magnetic listening mode (position T or MT). Then care should be taken to properly position the phone’s earpiece. It should not be placed on the ear or the microphones of the ear or implant but at the level of the coil (element of the prosthesis that converts the magnetic field into electric current). This position can be determined by moving the phone handset slightly along the contour or implant shell to the point where the line tone reaches an optimum level.

Should you buy your phone from a hearing care professional?

Many commercial landline and cordless phones allow listening in the “T” position. To determine if a phone is suitable it is essential to test it before buying. For this it suffices to check that the tone is heard correctly. Some “handicap” shops of different operators allow this type of testing. Few mobile phones are compatible with listening in the “T” position. However, it is possible to connect a loop neck or headset on the headphone output of the mobile phone.