Love Baking At Home? Here Are 11 Kitchen Essentials You Need

For some people, baking is such a therapeutic activity. Whatever may be your reason for loving to bake, there are a number of kitchen essentials you need to turn anything into baked goodness! Of course, we have a personalized cookie jar and personalized cake pan on that list but here are some of the other 11 essentials you need to know.

Personalized cookie jar

Cookie jars are a no-brainer if you are looking to buy kitchen essentials. However, do you know what’s better than this? A personalized cookie jar! You can also use it to gift it to someone who loves to bake.

Personalized cake pan

Cake pans are another kitchen essential if you love to bake. You wouldn’t call yourself a baker if you don’t have this! Pro tip: opt for a cake pan that has a non-stick surface.

Measuring cups and spoons

In baking, measurement is key. Thus, you need the right tools to ensure that everything is properly measured.

Rubber spatula

When transferring fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies to your personalized cookie jar or personalized cake pan, you’re going to need a rubber spatula. Pro tip: find a spatula that is flexible enough that you won’t find it difficult to slide it into anything.

Pastry brush

A pastry brush is one of the most overlooked and neglected kitchen essentials. You can use this to grease your pan or coat your dough with egg wash or melted butter. Bakers also use this to paint the top of a piecrust.

Hand mixer

A hand mixer or a stand mixer can come in handy when you’re mixing up the dough. While you can do this by hand, using a stand mixer helps batter it much quicker and easier.

Oven thermometer

Another tool used for measuring things in the kitchen is an oven thermometer. Remember, there is a huge difference in just the little numbers when you’re baking. For example, preheating your oven to 300 degrees versus 350 degrees can bring about totally different results.

Muffin tin

If you bake a lot of cupcakes and muffins, then a muffin tin is considered a necessity. The best part about this is that it’s totally affordable.

Mixing bowls

In baking, you’ll be doing a lot of mixing. It helps to have your own set of mixing bowls for different sizes so that you wouldn’t have to wash one every time you need it.


If you’re going to use mixing bowls, then you’ll most likely be using a whisk. Today, the market offers a ton of whisks in several colors and designs, making your entire baking experience unique and memorable.

Dough blender

A dough blender is used to cut the butter into your dry ingredients. This will allow the dough to be thoroughly and evenly mixed.

For some people, baking is considered a daunting task. For others, it’s a fun way to learn something new or clear your head. Whatever your reason for baking, it goes a long way to have these essentials in your kitchen.