Mobile Tech That Forever Changed Our Devices

It wasn’t all that long ago that the big goal for our mobile devices was to make them as small and thin as possible – big releases in the noughties brought the likes of the Motorola Razr and the slim stylish look that would define the era of flip phones. Tech has always moved incredibly quickly, however, and it wouldn’t be long until early smartphones would enter the market where the opposite would be true as now manufacturers look to develop bigger and more impactful devices. Throughout the development cycle, there have been huge changes that have forever changed our mobile devices and that have influenced styles across different tech too, but what have been some of the most impactful changes?

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Bigger, better, faster displays – Of the most impactful changes, the screen is likely the most notable one to think of – it has allowed our devices to become the multimedia powerhouses they are today – when Apple first announce the launch of its App Store back in 2008, the larger displays enabled the growth of the biggest markets in mobile now found in the likes of gaming, video sharing through pre-recorded content such as YouTube took over and now livestreaming through platforms like Twitch as the growth of esports as a whole and betting options where you can find some at have become primary uses for our devices – all made possible by the advancements made in the display. And this is certainly a space that isn’t slow as foldable screens are looking to be the future, providing yet more opportunity for change.

Battery capacity to supply the juice – With the bigger displays and other key features that have been added, battery technology needed to make huge leaps in order to keep up. Whilst they may be slightly falling behind the curve now, modern smartphones wouldn’t be possible without what we now have, and with newer tech like electric vehicles being so reliant on batteries, much of the early success could be pointed towards smartphone usage and how research better battery options was paramount to their success.

Small, but powerful cameras – Along with the rise of our smartphones, social media became a key defining feature of the phones themselves. Content sharing took over and now platforms like Instagram and TikTok capture hundreds of millions of users – all possible with advances of the cameras in our devices and how quickly change was made. Both front facing and back facing cameras have seen steady advances, and becoming a key selling feature of a device, it’s hard to ever imagine what modern phones would look like without the camera capability, and definitely have become one of the most impactful additions to them.