Moon Lamp – Lunar Effects

There is nothing more relaxing and romantic than being under the moonlight. Furthermore, the lunar satellite can improve our mood at any time. But, we cannot always have this natural light, either due to the moon phase or due to inclement weather. 

Lighting up when the sun goes down is a basic necessity that we carry out using different light sources depending on where we are, the area and the budget, but nowadays we have the opportunity to light up in style, giving a romantic touch to our surroundings.

It is said that when a product is good, the advertising is done alone and, in relation to that, something special must have a moon-shaped lamp so that from Australia it has come to our country through photos shared on social networks from hundreds of users.

We can now simulate moonlight to enjoy its benefits with the help and lights that look exactly like a moon. This type of lighting is the moon lamps that can exactly recreate the state of mind, romance and relaxation that is obtained before the moon itself and its light. With them you can turn all environments into a magical and special place.

And these are the moon lamps, in question they are a product of Lunar Effects, the Australian design firm that has been in charge of the design and lighting system to make it as similar as possible to our moon.

So if nobody has managed to lower the moon and the stars, you could consider having a moon-shaped lamp, they look spectacular and we are sure that they can accompany your most intimate moments.

Lunar Effects moon lamps are dimmer LED lighting fixtures in shaped 3D designs, in some cases resembling and texturing the actual full moon. They are ideal to be placed in living rooms, offices or bedrooms, giving a touch of serenity to the space. Made with high-quality anti-pollution materials that help give it an almost real appearance. Lights in three optional colors, either cool white, warm white or warm yellow., that are touch controlled.

They have traditional or LED light. These types of lamps help to give a modern and romantic touch to spaces, being able to be placed almost anywhere in the home or office.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts between 4 and 6 hours depending on the light. It recharges with the help of its USB cable. It has a wooden base that allows it to be placed so that it looks great anywhere.

Among its main advantages is being able to have a very real lamp at home, the different modern existing sizes with a base, ranging from 8cm to 20cm. If you have a large space, we definitely recommend choosing a regular size moon that will give an enviable look to your home.

MATERIAL: eco-friendly Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
CHARGING TIME: 3 hours (approx.)
LAMP DURATION: 4-6 hours
COLOURS: Cool white + Warm White + Warm Yellow
ON/OFF: Touch sensor located at bottom of the lamp
CHARGING: USB port located at bottom of the lamp (DC5V/1A)
BATTERY CAPACITY: 300mAh / 3.7V (lithium batter)

So why Lunar Effects? They have been specializing in moon lamps and only sell the highest quality. They differ to other brands as they have gone out of their way to customise each moon lamp. All are named after the Galilean moons, which are the moons of Jupiter. The 8cm is named Europa, the 12cm is IO, the 15cm is Callisto, and the 20cm is named Ganymede. 

Each moon lamp comes with a custom wooden stand, and the name of the moon is laser engraved into the wooden stand, which is a nice touch. On the other side of the wooden stand is ‘Lunar Effects’ logo. 

Lunar Effects offer free standard Australian shipping, so you don’t have to pay a cent to receive your lamp. Express Post is available, but this is paid by the customer. The free standard shipping will take around 2-6 business days to reach you, depending on how rural your local is. 

Should you not be happy with your lamp, Lunar Effects are willing to offer you a 30 day money-back guarantee. This means you can return the lamp (postage paid by you) and receive a full refund, hassle-free. This allows you to purchase in confidence knowing you’re in good hands. Lunar Effects want you to feel even more satisfied, this is why they are offering a three month product guarantee on all lamps once the 30 day money-back guarantee has ended. So, should you have a problem with your lamp, simply return it to Lunar Effects and they will replace it free of charge. Of course, if you wanted to change sizes, you would be required to pay the additional if you go up in size, however, you may also be entitled to a refund should you reduce size (this is at Lunar Effects discretion). 

On top of that, your safety and security is taken very seriously, and Lunar Effects use SSL Security site wide to ensure your personal and payment information is kept safe and secure. 

With a range of payment option available, including credit card, Paypal and even Afterpay (a buy now pay later interest free method), you can be sure you have plenty of ways to purchase this beautiful lamp. 

Lunar Effects are also doing their part to be as green as possible, as in, helping the planet. That’s why they have scraped paper user guides and have adopted a PDF user guide, a video tutorial on the website, and also a dedicated page on the website to help you get started. 

Heard enough? Ready to purchase you new style of lamp? Well simply head over to to choose yours now. Starting at $34.99 AUD, they are a bargain, and a joy for your house.