Nightlife at Jakarta: Places to Experience the City After Dark

When people think about a party in Indonesia is about Bali, that’s where you need to turn your head towards the other epic tourist destination of the country. The funds of the beautiful island, Jakarta has a mix of architecture, history, urban culture, modernity and nightlife. By far, this is the most populated city in the world after Tokyo and stands among cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok when it comes to contemporary progress. It’s been a charm for big firms in Indonesia and individuals willing to live the magnificent city life. With so many things around town, folks here are looking to let down their hair, particularly during the night, and the nightlife in Jakarta does not disappoint.

Jakarta’s nightlife is a favourite among the tourists and working-class using a large assortment of clubs and pubs with different topics and options, in addition to night markets for those searching for a shift from the normal. We bring you the best clubs to visit at night in Jakarta that will make your night just fine!

  1. Dragonfly Club – An International Title for Jakarta Nightlife

This club was set up since 2004 and has become the best choice of the party-goers for nightlife in Jakarta. It’s been awarded as the very best nightclub in Jakarta and one of the best 100 clubs on the planet by Mond*dr awards. And the place lives up to its own expectations. It’s lavish interiors with a contemporary touch, a huge dance floor and also the epic lightening system which will do exactly too good for a celebration night. If you are interested in somewhere to sit and relax as you enjoy your beverage, this may again be your location. It has a pretty lounge which is great for a celebration cum chill mood.

Being among the most well-known clubs in the country, the alcohol here is very expensive and also the entry could cost you as large as 200,000 IDR. Boys need to use semi-casual, no shorts, shorts or casual apparel. Women have to wear a dress and heels.

  1. Immigrant Lounge and Club – the nightclub that screams class

The bar has one of the best interiors in Jakarta with a mix of glamorous and innovative feels. It’s its balcony with all the city’s skyline shimmering facing you. With a huge dance floor is enormous, they host some of the very finest international DJs and have an enormous variety of drinks, giving you one of the greatest experiences of nightlife in Jakarta.

This club is also quite strict in their dress code with the appropriate dress code for men without casuals and necessary heels for girls.

  1. Colosseum Club – an Enormous Club With an Even Larger Crowd

The Colosseum Club in Jakarta is famous for its massive size. It is sprawled over a place of 1,000 sqm that may fit as much as 2000 people at a time. The Colosseum Club has a 16 m high ceiling and a balcony with a view of the town lights. Their dance floor is enormous, and the DJ is playing electro, techno and EDM and only perfect for a party mood. Their light and sound system is right out of this world and having a bunch of the very happening spot, and this can be an apt party destination in Jakarta.

  1. Blowfish – Party like it’s 2050

This club is a venture by the same group who brought Dragonfly to Jakarta, and it’s yet another spot to experience the very best of Jakarta nightlife. Blowfish has an interior to make you feel like you are in the future. The wonderful light of this club in Jakarta is not only for the ceiling. Their insides and lightening system is to die for and provides a perfect celebration ambience. To complement it, they have a number of the best DJs of the nation playing for them and they have hosted international DJ, for example, Yellow Claw, Afrojack, Richie Hawtin to name a few.

  1. Empirica – Elegance Redefined at Jakarta

There’s a time when you would like to let loose in a party, and there are instances when you need to enjoy your drink in peace. If you’re in a disposition for the latter, there is no better place than Empirica in the city. It is the most luxurious lounge that Jakarta has seen. If you’re looking for a more classy encounter of Jakarta nightlife, this is where that stands out of different places together by using their state of the art insides. They have an entire floor devoted to comfortable seating with all the LED lights adorning the insides. Their furniture also lit with the gorgeous LED lights that are controlled on the beats of music.

  1. Fable – International Nightlife Brought to Jakarta

What goes on when you’re on the lookout for something fun in Jakarta’s nightlife options, and you can’t decide if you wish to party hard, appreciate fantastic drinks in a lounge or have a great dining experience, what can you do? Fable is the place you can have it all in one night. One thing which makes Fable thus distinctive is its design. Enclosed in a glass space, it has an enormous space suited for dining room, lounge and clubbing experience. It is spread over a place of 1500 sqm and includes a comfortable seating area with all the enormous dance floor, LED lights and throbbing audio system. It generally hosts the young and prosperity of the city which makes the ambience lively.

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