Packaging Design: 9 Tips To Make It A Success


Do you want to achieve a successful packaging design? Read these 9 tips!

Packaging design is a topic that online stores do not take into account very often. The packaging is the first physical contact that the customer has with the company and, therefore, has to achieve a good impression.

If you make a good impression, the customer will be more likely to keep buying. In this way, your e-commerce business will have achieved customer loyalty.

ith proper packaging design, packaging can become a very effective marketing tool, since, in addition to building customer loyalty, it can also impact future consumers.

Here are 9 tips to make your packaging design a success:

  1. The packaging has to be resistant and of quality

Although it may seem obvious, many online store products are packed with poor quality and non-functional packaging. According to an investigation by the Smithers Pira consultancy, 39% of users would not buy from the same company again if the packaging is delivered damaged.

For this reason, it is important to use economical but quality packaging, in order to have adequate value for money. Likewise, you must also protect the product with safety packaging, such as bubble wrap.

  1. Packaging must convey the values ​​of your brand

The packaging must convey the brand values ​​that you want to communicate with customers. Is your brand elegant, simple, respectful to the environment? Put it in the design of your packaging!

  1. Don’t forget the colours of your company image

Another essential element is to use the colours of your brand image for the design of the packaging. Users will associate these colours with your brand. If you have different colours from your competition, it will be a great differentiation strategy!

  1. Packaging Design must connect with your consumer

The packaging should provide a feeling that connects the consumer with your brand. Make them feel special, unique and above all, give them all the necessary attention.

A good way to connect with your customers is through humour. Laughter is a resource that is often left in the background in favour of “trying to be more professional”. Professionalism is not governed by humour, since they are two variables that can go perfectly hand in hand.

Consumers appreciate good humour, bring a smile to your customers!

  1. Packaging is a perfect means of communication

How many times have you made a purchase online and when the package arrived you opened it with all your enthusiasm? As a business, you can take advantage of this enthusiasm and send customers along with their order, promotional information. You can benefit from shipments by putting discount flyers for their next purchase or products related to their purchase.

Many companies use email marketing to communicate monthly promotions to their customers. The problem is that a user receives many ads per day and the message can go unnoticed.

We are sure that the promotions that you send together with your client’s order will be valued positively and, what is more important, they will pay attention to your message.

  1. Small details make the difference

Consumers positively value the small details that brands include to surprise and retain them.

Wrapping the packages with Kraft Paper or placing a bow on the package will give your customers a good perception of your brand.

And remember, the package is the only physical contact that consumers have with your brand, so … surprise them!

  1. Get new fans on your social networks

Many brands take advantage of packaging design to induce a new “like” from their customers. If your potential customers follow you on social networks, you will be able to impact them every time you make a publication.

In this way, they will always have your brand present. Try to entertain them and provide them with valuable information about your company to generate engagement. If your consumers interact with your publications, it will be much easier for you to retain them!

  1. Fall in love with personalized messages

You can take advantage of the design of your packaging to write a small “thank you” note for the purchase. For example:

  1. Use ecological packaging

The trend towards being ecological and respectful to nature is booming. Society has become aware of the importance of caring for the environment. So your company also has to take these factors into account.

For this reason, many companies use White Postal Boxes for shipping made of cardboard, since this material is recyclable, biodegradable and, therefore, 100% respectful to the Earth.

Your customers will appreciate that you use ecological packaging material!