Pasar Baru Bandung : Low Budget One Stop Shopping

Our initial location was Pasar Baru, somewhere to discover clothes, telekung, kain sarung, batik and many more. It is an excellent place for older adults rather than for youngsters. The kids would become easily bored, and you’re able to detect how their faces began to distort. Regardless, Malaysians are mad about this location, and the vendors already understood what the Malaysians were searching for. We reached earlier to avoid congested crowds in any way. We went to the cloth level and found out that the prices were so low and the design of several options. 

Where Is the Location of Pasar Baru?

It is not hard to go to Pasar Baru, because it’s located in Oto Iskandar Dinata road (called Otista), directly in the centre of Bandung. The traffic congestion here is always heavy during the opening hours of the stores, between 9 am till 5 pm. Moreover, the parking area is restricted. So, if you plant to visit Pasar Baru, then we suggest you come first in the morning, once the shops start to open at about 9 am.

How To Describe Pasar

The grade of the goods vary, but if you have great eyes, you can discover high-quality items there. The best thing we enjoy about Pasar Baru Bandung is the price is lower than in other areas. In particular, if you buy it in bulk, then you can get wholesale cost. The term used in wholesale is either dozen (12 pieces) or score (20 bits). Usually, one dozen consists of the identical items and dimensions with 3 or 4 different colours. Hence, you will get wholesale cost if you purchase 3, 6 or 4 items taking each colour available. 

 You may even bargain the price in certain stores. Pasar Baru literally means new market. At the beginning, it was a traditional market selling fresh meat, vegetables, etc. It was on fire sometime back, and it was rebuilt and restored to its present appearance: a contemporary four-stories building. It’s still selling fresh vegetables and meat as well as cooked foods in the basement. Although the kiosks in the cellar open early in the morning until noon, other stores upstairs generally open around 9 am until 5 pm.  

Visit Pasar Baru in the afternoon once the stores only begin the business, until it’s too busy and overly hot. There are lots of tiny kiosks and some even big stores filled with merchandise inside Pasar Baru Bandung. However, there are many more stores along the Oto Iskandar Dinata road and its environment, since it had been the first Bandung’s Chinatown, seen by Pecinan Lama street (Pecinan Lama signifies old Chinatown) around Pasar Baru.   

Alongside Pecinan Lama street is ABC road, full of electronic and household appliance stores along the street. Besides, you will find lots of vendors on the pedestrian walk, in front of those stores. Unluckily, the crowd makes it difficult to walk, and you also need to look after your belongings, watch out for pickpockets. Other speciality products that you can buy from Pasar Baru Bandung are traditional snacks such as fried tempe, fried oncom, and fries. Oncom is a fantastic food you can just find on Sunday. It’s a really famous herb supplier, not only on Sunday but also internationally.

The Uniqueness of Pasar Baru Bandung

Pasar Baru is a trading centre where we can find many things. This market is unique, and indeed, shopping will be more economical. Here you can find diverse items such as the following.

  1. Assorted types of fabrics, like cotton; lace, brocade, satin, embroidered fabrics, and tulle for party and wedding dresses; batik fabrics made of cotton, silk or rayon; wool for tuxedo and men’s suits.
  2. There are some boutiques in Pasar Baru where we could buy modern party dresses as well as lovely kebaya (traditional apparel for Sundanese women).
  3. Willing to wear clothes for babies, kids, men and ladies: casual and Muslim garments.
  4. Beautiful Muslim praying veil for women and sarong for men.
  5. Numerous underwears for children, men, and women.
  6. Leather jackets.
  7. Shoes
  8. Ladies accessories.
  9. Bedsheets, mattress covers, and blankets.
  10. Wedding accessories, both for traditional Sundanese and European bride and groom.
  11. Souvenirs from Mecca, for example, tasbih, raisins, and dates. 

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