Play real rummy and RummyPassion with lots of chips and win amazing rewards.

Tips to become a good Cash Rummy Player

In recent years, the online gaming industry has witnessed an evolution of gaming applications. Now, you don’t need physical board games to entertain yourselves in your free time. You can easily download games of your liking on your phone or tablet, and start playing on the go.

RummyPassion is a one-stop destination for all you card-game lovers and enthusiasts. The application allows players to connect with friends or strangers on the internet and have a good time playing rummy. You can choose from a variety of options – 13 cards rummy, Pool Rummy, etc. You can also choose if you want a free game or a real rummy cash game. The application also provides you the chance to win a number of rewards and bonuses as you move ahead in the game. Read on to know more about this.

Play rummy and win cash, rewards and more!

  • Practice with free chips and improve your rummy skills

RummyPassion provides the players with free chips which they can use as virtual money in the game. Starting your real rummy playing journey with free chips is a great way to practice your rummy skills. When you play with chips, you have no real money to lose. So, the paranoia about losing cash is out of the question. You can instead focus on practicing and improving your rummy skills. You can also learn a lot of expert real rummy strategies from your friends, like bluffing, fish baiting and so on.

  • Use your improved skills to play cash rummy and rummy tournaments

Once you work on your skills and improve your gaming strategies by playing on the free games, you can try out cash rummy and rummy tournaments. With your improved skills, you will be much confident to take on your opponents. You will easily guess their cards, analyze their strategies and see through their bluff. This way, you have higher chances of winning at earning some cash in cash rummy. Rummy tournaments, or tourneys, are also a great place to compete with players across the world and earn a lot of money.

  • Win rewards and bonuses:

Apart from earning cash money, you also have the chance to win different rewards and bonuses playing real rummy in RummyPassion. When you first deposit money to play cash rummy, you automatically enroll yourself into a free loyalty rewards scheme. By playing a number of cash games, you can increase your reward points. Increasing reward points will take you up through the different loyalty tiers. The higher your tier, the better your rewards and benefits.

You can also earn many different bonus offers while playing rummy on a rummy app. On your first deposit, you get a Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 2000! Another way to earn a bonus is by referring the game to a friend. When your friend registers through an invitation sent by you, you can earn up to 25% of the rake made by the friend. Through this bonus scheme, you can win up to Rs.5000!


RummyPassion is a popular website among online rummy players. The various provisions in the application meant to practice and earn rewards motivate beginners to get started with rummy. Playing rummy online has never been more exciting!