Popular Coffee Syrups to Taste

Most coffee lovers out there will say that the best way to flavor your coffee is to leave it the way it is. The rich, dark tastiness in every cup is enough to stimulate your body and keep you active. However, some of us always want something more.  

One of the best ways to change the primary flavor of your cup of coffee is to add flavored coffee syrups.  If you simply don’t like the natural taste of coffee, then you should consider enhancing its taste and flavor by adding any of these syrups.

French Vanilla

This is arguably the world’s most popular coffee flavor since it fits so well with the bold natural coffee taste. French vanilla adds a good scent and sweetness to any light or medium roast coffee. 

It is a popular coffee syrup in coffee shops, and you can easily combine it with other flavors such as hazelnut or caramel to create something unique.

 Feel free to try the amazing Starbucks Vanilla Blonde Roast or ask for the regular vanilla coffee syrup the next time you hit your favorite coffee shop.


When you think of the other most popular coffee syrups, then the chocolate syrup comes right after the French vanilla, and it is for a good reason. For many years, coffee and chocolate have been flavors that complement each other quite well. 

If you visit any coffee shop and listen to people place their orders, you will most likely hear the terms “mocha” and chocolate more than anything else. This means the sweetly scented chocolate syrup will always make your cup of coffee great.


Mocha is the perfect coffee syrup for people who are relatively new to the coffee world.  The term is used to refer to hot cocoa with a small hint of the conventional coffee flavor meant for coffee newbies. 

If you want to try a cup of coffee but are not sure about how your taste buds will react to its intense flavor, then Mocha is your perfect starting point. Furthermore, this coffee syrup pairs well with the large collection of cheesecakes at this Montreal restaurant.  

Some of the common types of mochas include peppermint mocha, Frappuccino, and lattes.


Hazelnut syrup provides a great flavor for both coffee and hot chocolate. It adds a great deal of flavor and sweetness to your cup of coffee, especially if you can get hold of one of those freshly roasted bags of coffee. In fact, hazelnut syrup is a favorite for many coffee lovers out there, and you should also try it out to experience the difference.

Mint Flavor

Sometimes, nothing can taste better than spice for your cup of coffee.  Many coffee lovers like the slightly minty taste that adds that extra “kick” to your cup. 

Furthermore, mint is known to be a calming and soothing ingredient, perfect for people who are after something that can keep them relaxed. 

If you don’t love the mint taste flavor alone, consider adding a little bit of chocolate to your cup to achieve a unique taste that borders Java goodness.