Reset WordPress Websites – When Is It Necessary and How to Do It?

WordPress is a popular and flexible CMS, but at times, the blogger or theme developer may want to start from the scratch for bettering the site performance. You just need to reset the WordPress site and start with a blank slate. Any activity done on the WP site gets recorded on a database, so you will basically be cleaning the records and starting off fresh.

When is it necessary to reset your WP site?

You will find the need to reset WordPress process in a few scenarios, for example –

  • Repurposing – If you wish to back out from one of your WP website, you can use this installation for a fresh project.
  • Locked out – Sometimes, you can get locked out because of a security breach or an error. To gain access, roll your installation to its previous state, after resetting it from site backup.
  • Clean test installations – Regular use of online or offline WordPress setups for test purposes will need a cleanup. After testing reset your setups!

Always create a website backup, before resetting it. At some point, you may need access to the deleted information. It is always a great idea to have a backup, in order to avoid any risks. 

Steps for manual reset of WordPress site

Use the web host’s cPanel, under the Databases category look for MySQL Databases option and click on it. Look for the wp database or the ones with wp as a prefix. Note down their name and under ‘Actions’ click ‘Delete’. Now, move to create a new database to replace the old one or your site will not function.

In MySQL Database, you will see Create New Database option. Use the same name as was in the deleted one. Add new users and recreate the admin.

For a clean wipe, there are extra Tools on a separate tab. However, be careful especially when you are working without site backup. 

  • Delete Transients 
  • Clean uploads folder 
  • Delete themes
  • Delete plugins
  • Empty Reset theme options
  • custom tables
  • Delete .htaccess file

Make sure to leave a minimum one theme in the folder. Now, the difficult task is over, just inaugurate the fresh site.

A simple method to reset the WordPress site using WP-CLI

WP-CLI is a command-line tool, which helps web developers to communicate with the platform. The command line is used via Secure Shell Access. The commands are simple but effective. There is no need to manually do the reset or use a plugin. Just enter the command line ‘wp reset database’ and your task gets done. However, plugins and themes need to be cleaned with the same command line. 

Steps for reset of WordPress site installing WP Reset plugin

  • Download, install and activate WP Reset plugin
  • Go to the Dashboard > Tools > WP Reset
  • Read the Post-reset action preferences
  • Type ‘Reset’ at the bottom
  • Under the ‘Tools’ tab, there are options to delete – themes, plugins, transients, upload folders, custom tables, and .htaccess file

Reset your site using any method, the need to delete and reinstall original WP default gets eliminated. You are all ready to start a new project on your refreshed WordPress site! You could also learn about how to redirect WordPress and check if it is better option than resetting the site completely.