Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

When applying for a personal loan you can apply for a secured or unsecured loan.  Choosing an unsecured loan is a riskier venture for a lender because the loan is basically built on the hope that the ones who borrowed the money can repay it.  If the borrower cannot repay the loan the lender will generally have to go to court to get paid.  To make this type of scenario less likely it will help if the borrower has excellent credit ratings.


With these types of personal loans Manalapan the borrower will give the lender the rights to some type of property, which is called collateral.  If the loan is not repaid or paid in a timely fashion then the lender has the right to seize what the borrower put up for collateral.

There are many different types of collateral that a borrower can use to get a secured personal loan.

  • Property like land, vehicles, or homes. When using a home or land it can also be considered taking out a mortgage on the property.
  • Personal savings accounts
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Luxury items that have significant value

Usually the collateral is either a percentage of the loan amount or higher than the value of the loan.  The amount of the loan a borrower might receive depends on the type of collateral that is being offered along with their credit rating.  A secured personal loan is what a lender often prefers because it has built in protection.

One of the advantages with a secured personal loan is that the borrower may receive a lower interest rate because the risk to the lender is lowered.


With unsecured personal loans Marlboro there is no collateral to secure the repayment of the loan.  These are considered high risk loans.  They also carry a higher interest rate. Generally these types of loans are used for small expenses on a short term basis and will be paid back within a year.  Another reason to take out this type of loan is simplicity because when there is just a small amount of money loaned it is not worth the hassle to establish a relationship using collateral.  There is generally just a simple contract involved telling the amount borrowed, payments, interest rates, and length of the loan.

One type of unsecured personal loans is a bank loan. It is a way to get fast access to some cash and is given on the word of the borrower that they will repay the loan.  This is sometimes referred to as a signature loan.  To get this type of loan the borrower has to have a stable income, decent amount of time on the job, be trustworthy, and have a history of making payments on time.