SmartBlend – Portable Blenders

Let’s face it; we are all busy and have no time to waste while shaking the drink bottles, especially when at work or in the gym. Thanks to this amazingly convenient blender from SmartBlend, you can now say goodbye to the hustles of shaking. Just like the name suggests, our blenders are smart, portable, high quality and affordable. Keep reading to find out more about our blenders and why they stand out from the rest.


Our blenders are smaller than the traditional common home blenders. They are 8cm by 23.5cm in size, hence making it smaller than other common blenders. For this reason, they are easily portable and can even be carried in ladies’ handbags. So there is no excuse whatsoever, why you should not carry one while going to the office, the gym, and hiking and even on a plane while traveling. You should however first enquire whether the airline in which you are traveling does allow such items on board the plane. 

Very affordable

At smartBlend, we have value for your money. Our blenders come at very affordable prices, compared with the common traditional home blenders that are relatively expensive. With the common home blenders, you have to do quite some saving while with our smart blenders; you do not have to dig so much into your pockets. At just $64.99, you have a smart portable blender from our wide range of blenders. After you tighten the lid at the top, there is a firm plastic handle that you can swing back and forth while carrying the blender in your hand.

Variety of colors

Our blenders come in a wide range of colors so that you can choose one that is your most favorite color to floss with. We have colorful and bright colors that ensure you are the center of attraction wherever you are; these colors are green, purple, pink, blue and black smart blenders. And because our blenders are very affordable, you can buy all colors so that you can match each one of them with the different colors you are dressed in, on different days of the week. If you cannot, then you could go for at least two of your most favorite colors. In other words, at SmartBlend we have something for everyone. 

Easy to use

Our blenders come with an easy to read and short manual. Among the key points to note about our blenders is that you should ensure that you cut your fruits in the smallest pieces possible and that you do not add ice cubes into the blender first before the fruits as this can block the cutting blades. Also, ensure that the base and the lid are well tightened before you start using the blender. Finally, tilt the blender slightly to about 60 degrees angle to turn the power button ON.

100% quality

Our blenders are made with precision to 100% quality. They are made using a hard stainless steel that guarantees high durability and that they do not break easily in case it falls. On the casing, they have our brand logo; SmartBlend, and is clear so that you can easily see if the fruits are fully blended so that you do not pour them only to put them back for more blending. At the base of the blender is a magnetic induction switch and a rubber cushion that prevents fruit juice from leaking when blending. On the inside, are very sharp stainless steel blades that make blending easier by easily cutting through pieces of fruits. 


What makes our blenders so unique is the fact that they are convenient to use; anywhere, anytime. They come with a USB charging system so that you can recharge it anywhere anytime, be it in the car or your office. They also come in high capacity rechargeable batteries of up to 2000mAh that ensure you can blend up to 12 times per charge. The charging time is 2-3 hours and this means that you do not have to charge it overnight for you to use the following day. Also, they come with a power bank to ensure that you have a backup power source after the amount of charge you left the house with has run out. This simply means that you never run out of charge, hence you can use it all day without an excuse. 

Easy shipment

At SmartBlend, we deliver our blenders free of charge right to your doorstep anywhere you could be, within the boundaries of Australia. It may not sound possible but trust me, with the very trusted quality of the Australian Post, you shop now and pay on when the blender reaches your doorstep. To allow everyone else in any part of the world, we also have international shipping to any part of the world, but a small and affordable fee. All orders come with a unique tracking code so that you can know what location your blender is during the shipment period after it has been dispatched from our Brisbane storage center.

Guaranteed money back

Although our customers rarely demand return of their money but still , At SmartBlend, we guarantee total transparency by guaranteeing a 30 day money back or exchange of the product, without much of hustles just in case you do not happen to like what you receive, something that makes us stand out from the rest our competitors in the market. The same easy process we follow while selling you our blenders is the same one we use to give you your money back if the need arises, Now that is transparency and accountability. 


Now that the festive season and Christmas are around the corner and you are trying to think of the best gifts to give your friends, family or loved ones, then do not think further because you have now found just the right gift for them. Thanks to our smart blenders, let your friends and family feel that you value their health and well being by gifting them with this amazing piece of unbelievable household. Just visit our website,, shop now and pay after it has been delivered at their doorsteps.