Sports and Organic Supplements: The Best Purchase

As part of a regular sports practice and in parallel with a varied and balanced diet, food supplements can be of great help. They allow the athlete to maintain a good level of energy, to recover more efficiently and above all to provide the tissues with the nutrients they need to regenerate after exercise. In this article, discover the best food supplements for athletes.

Special sports food supplements:

  • Linen
  • Acerola
  • Spirulina
  • Ginseng

Why choose food supplements for athletes?

Food supplements are interesting in the context of physical activity because they concentrate nutrients and make them easily accessible. In athletes, the needs for macro and micronutrients are increased and the losses must be compensated. Even a balanced diet is not always enough to cover these needs. This is why taking a suitable dietary supplement may be wise. You can make use of the iHerbプロモコード there.

What Nutrients Do You Need When You Exercise?

To be nourished properly, the tissues stressed by the effort need sufficient intakes of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. These macronutrients allow the body to be well prepared for exercise, to hold during exercise and to recover after exercise. Vitamins, antioxidant molecules, minerals and trace elements also allow the athlete’s body to cope with all stages of training.

How To Choose A Special Sports Food Supplement?

In the world of food supplements for athletes, it is important to favor products made from natural ingredients and respectful of the body. Always look at the labels carefully and be careful to avoid chemical formulas that can damage the body in the long term.

Flax, a food supplement to support the heart and limit post-exercise oxidative stress

Linen helps improve athletic performance. It stimulates the neuronal function, the concentration and the adaptation of the organism to the effort. Flax is rich in fats, which are reserves of secondary energies which are particularly interesting for endurance sports. Flax compounds have a positive effect on blood flow, tissue oxygenation and the cardiovascular system. Finally, flax helps to fight against inflammation and oxidation of cells increased by physical exertion.


It is the Omega-3s contained in flax that provide the body with many benefits. These essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are very important for the sportsman.

Flax-based food supplements can be taken as a cure for 4 to 12 weeks at first. If you have a heart condition and are on treatment, ask your doctor for advice before taking linen. Omega-3s have a thinning effect on the blood.

Acerola, to better recover and boost the immune system

Acerola helps meet the vitamin needs increased by physical activity. This food supplement boosts the body’s immune defenses and helps fight oxidative stress. The higher oxygenation during physical effort, increases the formation of free radicals and the oxidation of cells. Ultimately, this can generate oxidative stress responsible for the premature aging of the body’s cells. Use the iHerb hk promo code to come up with the perfect purchase online.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, contained in large quantities in a food supplement based on acerola gives it its health benefits. Acerola is one of the richest natural products in vitamin C, it contains more than 80 times more than orange as an example.