Story of Maari 2 on Aha

Since India is known as the land of culture and values, Indian culture has a deep background. Our history had many exciting stories and characters. India had also gained attention because of its art and music. The Navaras or the nine emotions expressed through dance and drama had grabbed the focus of everyone. Indian cinema has always been famous for its expressions. Since the beginning of Indian cinema, filmmakers have always produced classical hits. Movies like Mughal-e-Azam and Mother India became legends for cinematic history. They took Indian cinema to new heights. Masterpieces like Slumdog Millionaire and

The Lunch box had made commendable improvements in cinematic culture.

During the pandemic situation when the world got united against Covid-19. Even the cinematic industry contributed to entertaining us. OTT platforms came into action. They have given a new definition of drama to the world.

Web thrillers and Short stories became widely popular. All over the world demanded OTT platforms be raised. While we speak of mass action and originality, Telugu movies stand at the top. So, for raising the standards of Telugu Cinema much higher. The aha OTT platform is released streaming the latest Telugu movie and thrilling web originals. Here is the review on mass action movies trending on Aha, Maari 2

Maari 2 is a mass action film. It has a rowdy style and power-packed action scenes.

Dhanush Starrer Maari 2 is a life story of a gangster who falls in love and leaves crime.

In the movie, Maari is a rowdy gangster who had successfully dodged 99 murder attempts. He had two sidekicks aside from him. Aanandi is a beautiful girl who admires Maari. She falls in love with Maari and tries to attempt it. Although being rowdy, he has a good heart and helps others. On the 100th murder attempt, Maari survived it and had celebrated it. Later, he was seriously injured and got hospitalized. Due to some circumstances, Maari left crime and married Aanandi. The fate was still testing Maari’s luck. His past life was still at his back.

The rival tried to provoke Maari. Maari did not care about it much. Rival took it as an insult and created brutal conditions for Maari. Maari got forced to come back into action. Waking up an old gangster, Maari took revenge on the gangster. Maari also helped the police commissioner by confronting the criminals.

Why did Maari leave crime? What situations forced him to come back? What happens next? Did he live happily after? Starring your favorite stars performing extraordinary characters. Aha platform provides an opportunity to many youngsters to show their talent. The writers can embrace their creative skills with more efficiency. Directors have also shown a different perspective of drama to the audience.

Such growth and development had only been possible because of digital platforms. In the coming years, Aha OTT would prove the golden step of success for the Telugu cinema and film industry.To know all that fun and thrill, Visit the Aha app. Watch the latest Telugu action movies onlinestreaming on Aha. Also, Subscribe to Aha for much more Telugu movies and web thrillers.