Strategic Blue Cloud Procurement Partnerships

There are so many cloud service providers in the market with varied offerings. Choosing the best option to take up may be daunting. Strategic Blue has partners who offer cloud services to help organizations buy cloud on suitable terms to their needs. The cloud services have unique designs ideal for accelerating innovation and attaining cloud cost optimization. Strategic Blue through the partners helps clients make deeper savings never seen or gotten from other cloud providers. So many companies have benefitted from the cloud services as delivered by Strategic Blue. The cloud services cut across several industries, serving to indicate the importance and relevance of the company.

Failbetter Games

This gaming company required guidance on cloud cost optimization and financial savings. As a start-up firm, Failbetter Games was incurring many on-demand costs that needed checking and solving. Strategic Blue provided a flexible solution that matched the company’s agile business needs. The provided solution reduced Failbetter Games’ AWS Cost Optimisation while also providing invaluable technical help. The results of the adopted cloud optimization services saw the gaming firm saving over $6000 on their cloud expenditure.


The business needed a change in their cloud strategy and resale operations to remove any barriers impeding their sustained growth. Further, the company needed guidance on using its AWS’ new Solution Provider Program recently upgraded from the Channel Reseller Program. Another problem needing Strategic Blue’s attention was cost optimization services for end customers to benefit. Strategic Blue offered KCOM a tailored, evidence-based understanding of cloud resale. It also created a KCOM custom action plan of change to grant new approaches and perspectives.


The company required help on their cloud-based service, given that they were undertaking a location migration. The challenge of the firm was to avoid falling into high On-Demand tariff cloud costs. Having been long term clients of Strategic Blue, the firm got immediate help. The help saw them leverage on special savings of up to 20% on their cumulative AWS expenditure.


This business entity was experiencing sustained growth and required cost-saving techniques during the period. The firm was using direct credits from cloud providers to settle large cloud bills, which were becoming extremely expensive by the day. Strategic Blue helped Form3 to unlock a unique savings technique across its many services. The provided flexible commitments granted Form3 a usage growth of 145%, accounts increase by 50%, and service use increment of 12%.

Barton Associates

The company needed a reseller conversant with the most effective savings leverage ways to save it money across its many AWS accounts given the increasing cloud usage. Strategic Blue supported Barton Associates to standardize, maximize, and simplify its cloud operations through a special savings provision and cost tracking to every penny.