Strategy for multi-tabling in poker

Gambling has become a hobby as well as a means of earning. Many people play the game for fun and also to earn money. People now prefer online poker as there are many benefits in comparison to brick and mortar casinos. Online casinos provide the feature of multi-tabling in which a player can play more than one game. The player has to make a strategy so that they can win most of the games. In this article, we will discuss the strategy of multi-tabling.

Methods of multi-tabling

A player has to organize the poker tables before opting for playing a game on many tables. The two main methods that players can use are tiling and stacking.


Tiling is the most popular method of multi-tabling. People can arrange the windows of the games in the form of tiles and keep a watch on all of them. The windows are kept adjacent to each other and there is no overlapping. Most of the online poker websites provide the facility of sizable windows which help the player in resizing each of them easily. People can also use multiple monitors for watching the game but it is a tedious task. This method helps the player to keep a watch on all the tables. Each window has a preset button which he can use to close those windows in which there is no possibility of winning.


This is a method which only expert players can use. In this method, players have to play on multiple tables simultaneously. The number of tables is very high. Each window of the game is placed on the top. Players have to check the preferences on the software which they are using to play the game. The preferences have the option of setting the window on top when the player’s turn comes in a game. It is a good option to have a large monitor to play a large number of tables.

Strategy of multi-tabling

The goal of the player is to face minimum risks. A player may face various kinds of problems while playing more than one table. Here are some of the strategies which a player should follow in order to play multi-tabling easily.

ABC Poker

A player has to face various types of situations when he is playing multiple games. In order to reduce the stress related to making a decision, a player should start by playing a basic level of games. A poker player may become an expert in predicting the situation of the current game but he may or may not be able to maximize the profit.

Concentration on one type of game

Players should choose similar types of games so that there is no confusion. A player can play Texas Hold’em on two tables but it is not a good idea to play seven-card stud on one table and razz poker on the other.

Wrapping up

These are some of the things which a player should know in order to play poker games on multiple tables. These methods and strategies will give him maximum profits and minimum loss.