Take this ‘Am I depressed’ test before it’s too late

Looking after your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical wellbeing. Earlier, people were reluctant to talk about mental health as it was seen as taboo and it was rarely discussed. People would avoid discussing mental health issues and shrug off the ones who were suffering. But due to the increased awareness about the issue, people are now more understanding and ready to discuss mental health issues and find a solution out of it. People are more open to offering a helping hand to the ones battling mental health problems now.

Mental health issues like depression should be taken seriously. It may be confused with feeling sad, but to be depressed is a completely different and serious thing, and those suffering from it need to be attended to at once. Addressing mental health issues as soon as possible makes it easier to deal with. Depression lives in you without you coming to know of it; you may think it’s normal to feel sadness, but its nature might not be all that normal. If you want to know if you are depressed or not, take an ‘Am I depressed?’ test which may help you understand your symptoms better, if you have any, and point you in the right direction.

Understanding the symptoms of depression helps one to determine whether or not they may be suffering from depression. Any depression test will comprise questions related to the commonly known symptoms that an individual may or may not be facing. These tests help you to get to know what are the symptoms associated with depression and also let you know if you need any professional help. The Am I depressed test will not only help you recognize your symptoms, but it will also help you understand how severe they are and point you in the direction of getting professional help. Increased awareness around depression has been of great help in making room for more conversations about it and breaking the stigma about depression and other mental health issues.

If you are looking into taking a depression test, here are some of the most common symptoms of depression that you may be asked about:

  • Feeling Tired: An early sign of depression is feeling tired most of the time, both physically and mentally. Doing the most basic everyday things can make the person feel very tired and it may take a lot of effort for them to do those things.
  • Feeling irritated: Commonly noticed, getting irritated or feeling irritated for most of the time, lashing out on others for minor things can be a sign of depression. Being irritable all the time is not regular and it is something to be taken seriously as it can lead to toxic and aggressive behavior.
  • Losing interest: People who battle depression may lose interest in doing the things they like or doing any other activity. It may be difficult for them to do even basic tasks like getting out of bed and lack the motivation to work. It takes them a lot of convincing to do the day to day activities.
  • Socially exclusive: Socialising seems like a massive task for a person with depression. It is something that takes a lot out of a person who is suffering. A depressed person may soon start avoiding going to social events. Such a person may prefer being alone rather than being with others. This is not a sign of depression for every individual as some people are introverts, but it is something that should be looked out for.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns: People with depression feel restless which affects their sleeping habits. The person tends to sleep for longer hours or has trouble falling asleep at all. This severely affects a person’s physical wellbeing as well.
  • Feeling Hopeless: Feeling hopeless towards life is a common symptom of depression. Depressed people tend to think that they have no purpose in life, they’re not valued, and lose hope for their future. The person may feel worthless and doubts themselves, leading to self-hate.
  • Crying spells: If you feel like crying too often, no matter where you may be or if something has happened, it may be linked to depression. Strong feelings of wanting to cry, regardless of what is happening in the surroundings are a sign that should be paid attention to.
  • Intense mood swings: People with depression may find it challenging to keep their emotions under control. Their mood swings can be extreme, where it changes instantly and their emotions can be intense.
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss: This is one of the physical symptoms of depression. A person with depression may lose their appetite or an increased appetite and observe absurd eating patterns. This will lead to fluctuations in weight as well.
  • Anxiety: A serious sign of depression is having anxiety. While not everyone with anxiety is depressed, it may be the scenario in most cases. Feeling very worried about small things can lead to symptoms like sped up heart rate, sweating, fast breathing, panicking, etc, are symptoms to watch out for.
  • Thoughts of death: This is a serious sign of depression and should be enough to get help. When you have thoughts about ending your life, please seek help immediately. Depression has claimed many lives by way of suicide because of a lack of professional care. You must get medical attention when you have such thoughts.

It is advisable to seek help when the intensity of the symptoms is high. Delaying getting help will only worsen the condition. Depression can be life-threatening as many people have died by suicide due to depression. When given the right treatment and care, a person with depression can return to leading a normal life.