Taking Care of Hot Plate from Rust

Using hot plate over time means cannot avoid it from any dirt and food residue. If not being cleaned regularly, those will form rust on plate surface. Rusty condition not only affects its longevity but also its effectiveness in cooking. Besides, it is not hygienic for making foods. Whenever you spot any rust over the plate surface, you can this cleaning task to taking care of it. 

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  • Most importantly, before begin the cleaning process, you have to unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Don’t put any appliance which still attached with electricity to something wet since it can be dangerous. 
  • Make your own cleaning mixture by filling 2/3 bottle with water. Then, drop few liquid detergent inside. Avoid shaking but make sure that they mix perfectly by swirling the bottle carefully. 
  • Spray the mixture into the hot plate. Then, wipe its surface and other parts using soft cloth. This method will help you to clean the food residue that spill over this appliance. Besides, wiping it with cloth may get the rust off. 
  • Take off the surface of the plate by pulling it gently and upward from the base. Avoid jolting since it may damage any part of the appliance. As you remove it, put it in a plastic container and spray it with the rest mixture.
  • Besides the cleaning spray, you can make rust-erasing paste as well. It works for other types of burner like induction cooker. You just need to mix baking soda and vinegar with comparison 3:1. Stir the mixture with spoon until it forms thick paste which can be easily spread. Induction cookers are quite expensive in Sri Lanka. For the best induction cooker prices in Sri Lanka, check out bestbargains.lk
  • Continue the process by spreading the paste on plate and scrubbing it with toothbrush. Apply the paste on the rusted area for about 12 minutes. It helps to remove the rust without harm the plate. If it is not removed completely in the first try, you can redo the process until the rust is missing from your hot plate
  • After cleaning the plate with mixture spray and paste, you should rinse it off. Wash carefully to make sure that all the residue is off from that appliance. Next, use damp cloth to rub the surface and dry it using dry cloth. Leave the surface plate in safety area for few hours to let it perfectly dry. It is important before you install the surface again on its base. As you will cook using electrical power, it can be dangerous if there is any part of it which is damp or in wet condition. 
  • Another option that people usually do is using oven cleaner. Even some people substitute that home remedy with glass cleaner since it is simpler. All you have to do is just spraying it over the plate and wait about 30 minutes. Then, use soft towel to clean all parts of the plate. Instead, if you don’t want wasting time making home remedy, store always offers various cleaners both for plate and induction cooker to make cleaning task much easier for you.