Techniques for cleaning the outside of the car

Take note of these tips on how to clean the outside of your car. 😉

Yeah, we know. Cleaning the outside of the car is lazy to die, and besides, it’s Murphy’s law, hey, as soon as it’s dry, it goes and rains! But if we don’t want them to write nasty little messages about the dust layer, we have to give it water once in a while, and since we are using some products to clean the car outside, like soap.

In our post today, we want to offer you some tips on how to clean the car outside that will be very useful for you. Besides, we will point out some tricks on how to wash the vehicle so that our truck looks like it has just left the dealership.

How to clean the outside of the car?

Wash the car with water only to remove dust and coarse dirt. We will start by spraying it from top to bottom with the hose or gun so that the nasty dirt slides down the sides of the vehicle and falls to the ground.

Once it is soaked, it is time to soap it up. Ideally, you should use some products to clean the car, such as a type of liquid soap that lubricates enough so that our sponge or brush slides easily, and we do not scratch the bodywork. In the same way, we must use soft brushes or sponges – no scrubbing pads or hard brushes on the paintwork!

To avoid scratching or scuffing, always rub the bodywork in a straight line, from top to bottom rather than circular. Use a microfibre cloth or a cotton cloth to dry it. It will look much better than if you let it dry in the air, as the water droplets will be marked, and the limescale left behind when the water evaporates could damage the paintwork.

As for the waxing, remember that its function, apart from polishing it, is to protect it from the possible dirt that remains typically adhered to the bodywork and that it is advisable to wax the car every two or three months.

Next, we will give you some advice on how to wash the car by hand and the products to clean the vehicle that we will need:

  • Have the necessary material: bucket, sponges, brushes, cloths or rags, shampoos, window cleaners.
  • We recommend that you start washing your car through the rims so that you do not splash the clean areas later. When you are done with the rims, you can clean the car from top to bottom.
  • To clean the windows of the car, we can use any household window cleaner and rub it with a microfiber cloth so as not to scratch the bodywork when washing the car.
  • When we dry the car, we will use microfiber cloths and never let the vehicle dry outdoors because you will be like a magnet for dust and pollution.
  • Wipe the body of the car with a microfiber cloth and a polishing product.

The above tips are applicable to the general cleaning of our car. However, sometimes the car has a series of more specific stains that are difficult to remove, read the advice off on keeping the outside of your vehicle as new, or if it is your case that you know how to remove the stains from the upholstery.

They also have a whole post for you in which we tell you how to help the environment with eco-friendly car cleaning products.