The 4 Great Challenges Of Being A Professional Accountant

If you plan to take an ICAEW in Singapore to be a certified accountant, you need to be up for the challenges ahead. Becoming and being an accountant is filled with challenges. The pathway may not be easy. However, it all points towards enhancing your skills for long-term career growth and advancement.

Facing challenges and dealing with difficult times is a proven pathway to stimulate growth. Whether you are currently studying for accounting or preparing to work as a certified accountant, here are some of the most common challenges ahead for an accountant:

1. Often works overtime

Being an accounting professional is never complete without overtime work! Yes, working with an accountant is almost synonymous with working more. Thus, if you’re taking an accounting certification, prepare for it! However, if you are someone who ceases to work once you log out, it may not be for you.

2. Constant dealing with non-negotiable deadlines

There is no better way around deadlines than to pass them ahead of time. Being an accountant entails dealing with non-negotiable deadlines in a typical routine. Therefore, missing it can result in an unfavourable outcome between you and the client.

3. Up-to-date technical know-how

Technology shapes and influences the world of accounting. If you are a certified accountant, you need to be knowledgeable or aware to know the latest tools, such as SAP and Oracle. Apart from being knowledgeable, you also need to be proficient in it to help you achieve better results.

4. Work better under pressure

With the constant stream of non-negotiable deadlines, the demand to be detail-oriented and overtime work adds pressure. Despite this, accountants need to stay level-headed and sensible when working under pressure. You will be multi-tasking most of the time, which might wear you out. Thus, accounting is not for the faint of heart!

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