The Benefits of Playing Connect 4

You must have already played Connect 4 when you were younger. You will be able to play it with your children thanks to this timeless board game. It must be said that our parents were already playing it in the 70s. This two-player paper game has not aged. Face to face, each player is invited to choose a color, yellow or red. Now, we are going to talk about its benefits.

Connect 4 Develops Interpersonal Relationships

Living in society requires a lot of social learning and compromise. These habits do not come immediately at birth so, you have to work on them, explain them clearly to the children. When playing paper games like Connect 4 with children, their mind is open and curious. They are receptive to social learning, without even realizing it! So now is the perfect time to learn social skills such as taking turns, sharing, respecting rules, asking for help if you don’t understand, congratulating others on their achievements, etc.

Connect 4 is Adapted to Everyone

Connect 4 is one of the paper games which can by everyone, no matter what their age. It may seem too easy for you but remember that the secret to happiness is never to lose your child’s soul! Good thing is the gaming world is full of board games also designed for adult entertainment! Crazy or cultural, personal development, party games for adults are a great way to liven up your next dinner party with friends. They are perfect for getting together for a stimulating activity, for getting to know each other better while having fun, for breaking the ice, for revealing other facets of each other’s personalities. Connect 4 is undoubtedly the best example.

Connect 4 Helps Manage Emotions

Although social learning is essential for the development of healthy interpersonal relationships, the fact remains that managing emotions is essential for our children who will have to face a host of destabilizing situations in their lives. Learning to lose is not easy. Losing your job, losing a competition, losing a friendship, it’s hard as an adult. So, imagine the little kids who lose the game of Connect 4 they have been waiting for a week! They do not have the tools to deal with all the emotions rushing through his little heart yet. Now put words to the situation, offer him compromises, make him think about the positive; these are all actions that pay off in the long term since we equip our adults of tomorrow to face various situations by giving them the inner strength to do so.