The Best Luxury Limousine Cars You Can Buy in India 2021

The cars we’re about to list out match a few houses for luxury, and even cost more. These luxury limousines offer the best in terms of technology, sophistication, opulence and performance – the last of which won’t matter to someone seated at the back. Cars like these are the very pinnacle of luxury and happen to be flagship offerings from their respective brands. And on top of that, none of these cars undercut the eight-digit sums. For those in search of the finest, car makers would have to deliver as per the clientele’s expectations. A major share of buyers will be seated at the back – and while that’s going to be a privilege – driving it shouldn’t be considered anything less either.

1) BMW 7-Series

The only thing we’re forced to like is the rather overtly-sized grille, but we guess it’ll take a while getting used to it, as it is now becoming a trend on a lot of modern-day BMWs. But it does get elegant lines, slender headlights, chrome trim all over, massive wheels, an upright bonnet and a rear-end, that is by far, the best-looking among all its previous-generation models. Elongated tail lights, with an LED strip running in between, looks beautiful when lit up at night. Then there are those chrome-outlined exhaust tips that give it some more bling.

The digital instrument cluster is bit overdone, and it’s rather shocking there’s no Android Auto either. The cabin, however, can rival anything in its segment. It features five sizeable high-resolution screens and a touch panel for climate control, gesture control, Intelligent Assistant and a voice command system. The leather upholstery is top-notch, and those aluminium buttons have great finish to them. The seats at the front are well bolstered, and at the rear, you’re pampered by heated, massaging, ventilated and multi-way adjustable seats

From behind the wheel, the 7-Series is a true revelation. It comes as a 740i, while a petrol-electric hybrid 745Le xDrive will be available, but the one we drove is the 730Ld. It is powered by a 3.0-litre, straight-six diesel engine that makes 261bhp and 620Nm of torque, and power delivery is massive, particularly in Sport mode. And typical of a BMW cars, this huge limousine corners with poise.

2) Audi A8 L

The wheelbase is huge and the rear overhang extension gives it the looks of a proper limousine. The window line stretches towards the rear beautifully, giving one the impression of a curvaceous, coupe-like silhouette. It also comes with a nice 19-inch, five-spoke set of wheels, giving it a bit of a sporty appearance. The Bulgarian Beard is huge and has been the signature design for quite some time now – and this one gets a full chrome finish. Around the Audi cars, you find a lot of chrome too, like below the doors, around the fog lights, on the rear bumper and tail lamps as well. And this gives it the presence of a proper luxury limo.

Step in the cabin, and you are greeted by a lot of leather and wood. There are even Alcantara inserts in the leather, faux metal trim elements, gloss plastic panels and LED lighting inserts. The cabin is simply crowded with so much detail, it makes one wonder where to really look. And it seems rather fitting for a car of its type. Nearly everything is electronically adjustable – right from the sun blinds to the AC vent covers, and all at the touch of a button. It’s at the rear where we’d be sitting if we were you, because the seats recline, moving the front seat forward, giving way for a footrest.

The A8 L is powered by a 335bhp V6 petrol engine that feels super smooth and comes paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission that works with the engine very well, and the light steering along with its small turning radius, makes it easy to drive in the city. However, kickdown response is sluggish from the gearbox, particularly when you’re hard on the throttle. In Dynamic and Sport mode though, it gets a lot better, but is best used on a long stretches on tarmac.

It’s a car that truly excels at what it does, particularly with its four-wheel-steering system, adaptive air suspension and the lot. Its Audi’s flagship model, and it really pushes the boundaries. And a lot of its technology is sure to filter on to the smaller Audis in the future.