The Best Way To Set Out Your Desk Whilst Working From Home

Working from home only a couple years ago was something that was mainly done by executives/directors in the business however due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 many of us office workers have been forced to work from home where possible. Due to this, many of us have had to organise a desk in our homes to work from and today we have gone through some key steps in setting out your desk for ultimate productivity.

[Image: Ars Technica]

Although this might seem like an obvious one but putting your desk out of the way of any distractions is certainly a start as many have said it’s easier to be distracted whilst at home. This could mean that you set a specific area in your house to work, away from the television or your mobile so you can solely focus on your work without being distracted.

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Next up would be ensuring that your area of work or desk has some natural light as it is clinically proven that natural sunlight will allow you to work more productively. Not receiving enough natural light during a day at work will certainly have an impact of the productivity of your work so working in front of a window, or at least a room that has a window in to work well.

Next up would be to ensure that you are comfortably whilst working as you will spend on average 8 hours a day in this position so keeping a good posture during this period is very important. If you aren’t registering a good posture, then over time you will release that you will start to get pains through your back and even hands if they are rested how they should be whilst working away.

And finally, staying hydrated throughout your time working from home is also a way to ensure that you are working to your highest productivity. Whilst working from home, it gives you the freedom to be able to eat and drink when you please which is great for the productivity levels compared to that in the office.