The Coolest Accessories To Spruce Up Your Golf Cart

You just invested a great deal of money in a brand new golf cart. It has been a few months and now may be it looks a little boring. Don’t worry, you haven’t wasted your money or time; there is so much more to it than just being a golf cart. One can always jazz up a golf cart/buggy with some cool accessories – LED, Bluetooth, coolers..the works! Read on to find out how you can make golfing a fun activity with a spruced up golf cart by your side.


Let’s start with a basic. Some like to have a chilled drink handy. Some always carry an umbrella, may be sunglasses or a jacket. Without a place on the cart to carry it, you can’t really bring things you want. A cup holder or a small storage box added to the golf buggy can hold all your stuff without the fear of dropping it somewhere.


Depending on your need, you can get a removable ‘on a moment’s notice’ windscreen or a permanent one. Windscreens are excellent to protect you from harsh weather for better visibility and just anything that might possibly directly fly at you!

Heavy duty tires

Your cart is your SUV. Driving on pavement, taking the cart to a lake, taking it to your jungle picnic – whichever the need, some people like their golf carts to have street tires so they can take it anywhere. They are best suited for bumpy or off-road paths.

Zip up doors

Save yourself from rain or winters, nasty birds or bad sunny weather. Available in cloth or plastic you can customize them for your seasonal needs.

High quality light

Install them in the front and rear. They come super handy if you happen to take the cart off-roading or to a picnic spot. The LED super bright lights are best for visibility and an overall driving plus owing experience.

Golfing is all about a sport in the beautiful outdoors – greenery, scenic calmness and long walks. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the importance of a well-kept golf cart. If you have to leave the game, the view and instead focus on trudging your cart or fuss over its breakdown what’s the point? With the right maintenance from reputed professionals, all the fun can be injected back into golfing.

Which is why getting a professional to help you choose the right golf cart for your needs or give it a complete makeover is better suited in most cases. One such authorized service dealer is Golf Trolleys UK who offers complete service for your trolley, optimizing its efficiency on the golf course, by making sure that any worn out parts are replaced and maintained. They also have a selection of second hand trolleys if you don’t yet want to invest in a new one. Find out more about second hand golf carts on Golf Trolleys UK.

Spruce up your golf buggy with the necessary accessories and you’ll have the best golfing time ever!