The difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses: Which one to choose?


Most players face a lot of problems while agreeing to large bonuses. There are mainly two types of bonuses, namely: the sticky bonus and non-sticky bonus. 

What is a sticky bonus?

A sticky bonus can only be bet but cannot be withdrawn. If the prize has only “ wagering only” agreements, you are looking only at a sticky bonus. A sticky bonus is worth more than a bonus if you have a solid bankroll to start with. A sticky bonus provides you with the chance of choosing the balance before you start the game. It offers up to 300 to 400% on top of the initial deposit. 

What is a non-sticky bonus?

The non-sticky bonus is the cashable bonus that is easy to withdraw right after the wagering requirements. Likewise, it works only according to the terms and conditions. Non-sticky bonuses allows the online casino to withdraw all the money that the players have. Most players choose this amount as it is less complicated than the sticky bonus. 

But non a sticky bonus can’t be cashed out before fulfilling the wagering requirements. 

Difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses

The sticky bonuses can’t be withdrawn directly from the casinos. Besides, the non-sticky bonus can be removed easily. Before taking a particular bonus, be sure to know whether the compensation you are accepting is cashable or not. Always check out the terms and conditions of the casinos before opting for the bonus schemes. 

Where to find details of the types of bonuses?

People use non-sticky bonuses only after reading the terms and conditions of the promotional rules very carefully. The bonus is related to only wagering agreements and can’t be withdrawn. By playing slot online games, you can get different bonuses and rewards to enhance your gambling experience.