The Finer Aspects of Protein Usages

Proteins are one of the three major families of macronutrients, also including carbohydrates and lipids. They are essential for the organism because, in addition to playing a structural role in the muscles and the skin, they are more than necessary in several functions of the organism. Like digestion for example.

Proteins are also responsible for transporting oxygen in the body and for the immune response. They are real gold mines in therapeutic care.Note that their major role is to nourish the muscles in order to optimize and increase their repair after exercise.Discover the roles of this macronutrient in the body, their sources in the diet and their benefits. You can go through the sg iherb review for essential purchases in these cases.

The role of protein in a diet

 Proteins play a role of natural appetite suppressant thanks to their satiating properties which serve, in fine, to reduce the daily calorie intake.They can also block the absorption of sugar in the body, which considerably prevents the development of fat. In addition, they cause the body to produce more energy in the digestion of food, which results in a higher thermal effect. It will simply burn more calories and thus contribute to weight loss.

Finally, proteins have a fat burning function, and this has been scientifically proven. In the process of losing weight, you also lose muscle mass. With protein, you can burn fat while preserving your “muscle mass” capital.

The importance of protein during the diet

 When the body must draw on its reserves, it will seek energy in its stock of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.At this point, it means that the stock of carbohydrates (sugars) available for producing energy is empty. The body will then have to draw on proteins and lipids (fats) to continue its functioning.

  • The problem is that the body will not use fats (therefore lipids) as a priority. This will “dig into” its protein and lipid reserves, unfairly and differently depending on the individual.
  • During a diet, therefore involving a reduction in intake and forcing the body to use its reserves, some will lose muscle first, and then fat. For some the effect will be the opposite. In all cases, muscles and fat will be reduced.
  • The goal will therefore be to conserve a significant protein capital to conserve as much muscle as possible and let the body eliminate fat (therefore the stock of lipids). You can also opt for the code promo iherb france in this case.

Proteins for muscles and sports training

 Being the most important and indispensable nutrient in the development of muscle mass, proteins are highly valued by athletes. Indeed, they help to strengthen muscles and bones, but are also necessary for the proper functioning of the body in general.


For athletes, the proteins associated with regular muscle building sessions will play a role in stimulating muscle mass. They are important throughout a long process, before, during and after exercise. When gaining mass, they will help the athlete to gain as much muscle as possible.