The Importance of Access Control in High-Risk Industrial Sites

With high-risk industrial sites, controllers need to ensure that they are doing everything to keep operations and personnel as safe as possible. One thing that can help ensure that everything is kept as safe and secure as possible is access control. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of this access control in these high-risk sites.

Dangerous Chemicals and Processes

High-risk sites are called that for a very important reason. There is the potential for an individual to do a lot of damage to either themselves or the local environment if they do not know what they are doing. Many employees also have to go through many lessons and hours of training until they are able to work on the site proper.

No-one can approach these sites and processes that may happen hear without the right training. Access control is needed to help keep these areas safe and will help keep unqualified employees out of areas that they should never be in.

Easy to Set Up

One of the best reasons to introduce access control to a high-risk site is due to how easy it is to do so. There are so many systems that you could use, from access cards to RFID wristbands, but any of them will be beneficial in the right situation.

These access control items need to be easy to pass out amongst staff. It should also be able to pass out to visitors as well. It can be crucial for helping with identification, and it can also aid staff members with identifying visitors in high-stress situations when they might not be able to fully question the presence of a stranger. A different coloured ID card or access band might be all that is needed. Whatever form the access control takes, it can be returned to reception later in the day to then be handed out to the next visitor when they arrive.



Dangerous workplaces need to be able to keep staff and visitors safe. Rules and regulations are some of the most important and detailed that you could find in the industry here. Compared to some other industries, the regulations might even appear excessive to an outsider but they all serve an important person.

Access control is important to this as it will hopefully help to mitigate liability for the company in some way. People should only be able to go to certain places, and access control will be the key here. Should someone still manage to get around the restrictions, the company will be able to conduct a review in to how it happened while also bringing about the correct actions against that individual.

Safety must always be of paramount importance at a high-risk site. Any site that has to deal with high-risk data, machinery, or materials needs to make sure that there is adequate access control to these sensitive areas. It is not just for the good of the company, but for anyone who might be working or visiting there.

Image: Pixabay