The Many Types of Birthday Cakes You Can Order

Every person in the world has had birthday celebrations. Whether it involved blowing a candle or not. It is a time when a person acknowledges the anniversary of their birth! In many cultures around the world, a person’s birthday is celebrated with gifts, parties, or other traditional activities that follow their religion or familial culture. Some have the tradition of feeding the first slice of the birthday cake to the celebrant. Whichever tradition that you follow or know of, they all show that there should be attention to the one who was born on that date. As a guest or a family member, you make sure that you express your happiness that they have lived another year on this planet, and you are happy that they are still part of your life. If you were the birthday celebrant, you might feel the pressure in arranging a birthday party where you can gather all the important people in your life. However, you have to remember that you can serve anything that you like for your birthday party, including choosing the birthday cake delivery from your favourite Singapore bakeshop! You might already have ideas on what type of birthday cake that you want this year but, if you do not, then let this article help you in choosing the perfect one for you!

Different Types of Cakes for Unique Birthday Parties

Your birthday only comes around once a year, and that is enough reason for you to treat yourself with a delightful and delectable birthday cake to celebrate this special occasion! Here are some different types of cake that you order for delivery in Singapore:

Chiffon cake

Traditionally, chiffon cakes are baked in tube pans to allow the sides of the cake to rise higher. It is often compared to sponge cakes because they almost look the same. However, what makes chiffon cakes unique is that it is a hybrid of an oil and sponge cake. Its oil gives it a lavishness of a shortened cake. It is perfect if you want a small, intimate birthday cake that you want to share with your close-knit guests of family and friends!

Fruit cake

If you are strict with your healthy foods diet, then this is the cake you are looking for! It is filled with juicy, fresh fruits that only a select few find delicious. You will often see this in family gatherings on the holidays as well. We recommend that you order this as a same day cake delivery in Singapore to ensure the freshness of the fruits so that you will serve it to your guests in its freshest state. You might even convince them to switch to a healthy diet with this cake!


The name of this cake came from the measure of the ingredients that it is made from, which are all in one pound. These are pretty solid cakes since it is very dense, and it does not rise high like how a chiffon cake would. The feature of this cake that everyone loves is how it has an exceptionally thick surface that you can drizzle it with white sugar coating! You might like this as your birthday cake for its simplicity but rich taste.

Red velvet cake

A lot of people have this cake as their favourites. As for your birthday cake delivery in Singapore, you can never go wrong with a tasteful red velvet cake! It is made with either butter or oil, and its colour naturally comes from the reaction of buttermilk and cocoa powder. However, some modern versions of this cake are added with food colouring to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design. Nonetheless, you can trust that the taste is still the one you know!

Durian burnt cheesecake

In Singapore, citizens are fond of the king of all fruits! It is none other than the Durian. Local bakers have creatively incorporated this in cakes, and you might be interested to try it for yourself on your special day. A Durian burnt cheesecake is worth the try because you get the creaminess of the cake and a smooth pulpy durian taste that will slowly melt in your mouth! The burst of rich and complex flavours, with the right bitterness from the burnt top, will give you an unparalleled experience from other traditional cakes above.

Other Birthday Essentials You Should Not Forget

Whether you plan to do your birthday celebration on your own or you hired a party planning company, then you should have a complete checklist that will help you avoid missing birthday party essentials. Let this list help you out!


Are you planning to hold your birthday party in your home or some other place? Either way, you have to confirm with the venue personnel to learn their house rules. 

Entertainment rentals

Keep the fun going with magicians, karaoke machines, or even bouncy inflatables that are suitable for kids and adults!

Food and beverage utensils

Do not forget to provide your guests with serving platters, cups, spoons and forks, among many other food utensils. Consider separating blunt utensils for the children as well.


A birthday party would not be complete without the guests! Whether you want to make your guest list long or short, remember that you have to consider the venue space.

Tables and chairs

You and your guests would not enjoy a unique birthday cake if you do not have the means of eating it comfortably! Ensure that you have enough chairs and tables once you know who can attend your party from the invitations.

Order Your Cake from Bellton Patisserie

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