The Nail Polish with the Right Variety of Colors

We mention cosmetic brands that offer nail polish for less than 5 euros per bottle in the budget category.

Which nail polish is best?

You have probably seen the above brands in the shops or webshops. Which are the best? Unfortunately, there is no unequivocal answer to this. In general, we read in reviews from various bloggers that the cheaper brands should be updated a little faster. The time varies: one person works her nails after two days, while the other can do with the nail polish for about four days. After that, it is often necessary to reapply the nail polish. The more expensive brands usually last a little longer: bloggers, for example, speak of 5 days to a week at OPI and Sally Hansen for the regular nail polish.

The condition of your nails affects the durability of your nail polish.

An important message that brands make about this shelf life of nail polish is that your nails’ condition must be good. If you have oily, very thin, or split nails, then you have the chance that the polish will last much less. If you think you have fragile nails or split quickly, you can use lacquer to strengthen the nail itself (think, for example, of the moisturizing and nourishing nail polishes).

The tips below can also help strengthen your nails.

  • Eat products with calcium, folic acid, and vitamin A. This ensures that your nails get the necessary nutrients to become stronger.
  • File your nails if they split to the point where it stops splitting. File in one direction.
  • See if a nail cream is right for you. These creams moisturize the nails and keep the nail moisture level.
  • Occasionally use a buffer file to file your nail surface. This gives the middle nail layer more air and can absorb moisture better.
  • Try a nail hardener without formaldehyde.

Nail polish

In addition to the ‘normal’ nail polish, there is also gel polish. The gel polish generally has a much longer shelf life than regular nail polish: about one and a half to two weeks. The disadvantage of these nail polish types is that you often need a UV lamp or LED lamp to let your gel polish hardens.

Tip: Recently, there have also been brands that have launched gel polishes that can be applied without a UV lamp and dry in the air, such as Sally Hansen, CND, and Essence. However, there is a difference here between the more expensive brands and the budget variant: where CND remained in place for a week, the budget variant already chip after two days, according to various bloggers.

Gel nails and Acrylic nails

The above shelf life only applies to ‘normal’ nail polish and gel polish. However, gel nails and acrylic nails are gaining in popularity, mainly because these polishes last much longer. The acrylic nails and gel nails are applied primarily by nail technicians (this is also recommended because of the materials used). With these variants, you can lengthen and strengthen the nails, and they are artificial nails that you stick over your regular nails.

For the Nails

These nails often stay beautiful for between two and three weeks, after which they must be filled because the natural nail continues to grow. Gel nails are generally more natural than acrylic nails. However, the acrylic nails have a tighter finish.

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