The New Way To Relax: Why Everyone Loves CBD

CBD is all the rage and it seems like it is available everywhere you go, from small business boutiques to local grocery stores.

So what is it and why has it taken off?

It takes many forms and provides a result of positive feelings and emotions for many people, young and old, dealing with everything or nothing at all.

Had enough of the vague answers? Keep reading to learn more about what CBD is and why you just might love it too!

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the cannabinoids, aka chemical compounds, found in marijuana and hemp.

So, now you are probably thinking, can CBD get me high?

The short answer is no because it is not psychoactive like marijuana.

THC being present is what results in the feeling of being high. Although it is present in some CBD products, the hemp plants used to extract the oil contain no more than 0.3 percent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), per FDA regulation.

Forms of CBD

There are more forms of CBD than you can even imagine, some you ingest, some you apply to your skin.

Popular edible forms include tinctures of oils taken by mouth and gummy bears. It can also be smoked for a more active experience using CBD carts and CBD vape pens.

For those looking to experience the effects differently entirely, CBD is infused into lotions, creams, gels, bath bombs, soaps, and other cosmetic, non-food, products.

If you’re interested, but don’t know where you start, you can learn more to help decide which product is right for you.

Why People Love CBD

You don’t need an ailment to use CBD. In fact, it can be a simple method of relaxation added to your daily or occasional self care routine. Perhaps you even find it is the best way to relax after work.

Everyone is different, but the versatile use of CBD makes it a truly special product.

Anxiety sufferers often see a decrease in intensity and an overall change in demeanor with the use of CBD because it provides a calming effect without psychoactive effects.

Older generations suffering from arthritis and joint paint enjoy the easy pain and inflammation relief from using CBD.

On a more serious note, some people suffering from chronic pain from injury or serious illness, or even debilitating seizures have reported finding comfort in CBD usage because it lessens the physical occurrences and pain without pharmaceuticals.

Nothing is a one-size-fits-all, but CBD seems to come pretty darn close for many.

Learn How to Relax Again With CBD

Sit back, relax, and discover the potential behind CBD.

Whether you have chronic pain, a stressful job, or you suffer from anxiety, CBD may be able to provide calm to your chaos. As always, this is not medical advice. Talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement or product.

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