The Perfect Weightlifting and The Effective Comparison

Stay dedicated to your cause, go to the gym frequently and polish your workouts so you can become more powerful in the shortest time. Sounds pretty good what we said so far, right? That is, plus, if you are really determined to apply the tips offered by me in the first sentence, then you should have visible results. But, damn, what do you see, sometimes, you feel like you’re not strong enough as fast as you’d like. For example, when you meet your friends in an hour at the gym and you would like, as much as possible, to class them in all the exercises you are about to do. In this case, what strategy should you adopt? Read this article and you will find out immediately.

Gradually Increase The Weight Used In Training, Instead Of Using The Pyramid

Make a few heating sets with a few repetitions to be ready for bigger weights in the last remaining sets. This way, you will have more energy for them. Here’s an example: suppose you want to lift 137 pounds for 5 repetitions. You could start with a lower weight (61 kg) and 6 repetitions, then you can go to 84 with 5, 103 with 3, 125 with 2 and finally 137 with 5. By the time you reach 137 kilograms already, you will be very warm, but not necessarily tired. There you need to make the comparison of t-bar row vs. bent over row.

View Each Repetition In Your Mind Before Making A Set

Imagine how you will feel, where you will have your eyes straight and how you will breathe. Using this technique, you will become more familiar with how the set will be made and it will all seem a little easier.

Rest 3 To 5 Minutes Between Sets

In order to lift as much weight as possible, your body needs to produce a lot of ATP ( adenosine triphosphate ), which is the “fuel” required for muscle contraction. Give yourself a short break so you can recover before moving on to the actual lift.

Work Your Weaknesses

No matter who they are, don’t neglect them. Don’t you have arms strong enough to lift a certain weight or do some exercise? Train them more, better and more correctly. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, had weak legs, which he was always ashamed of. In the end, however, he decided that they too had to be carved just like the rest of his body, so he immediately went to work and, in the end, managed to model them as he wanted. You can go for the close grip lat pulldown vs. wide grip  there.

Train With A Stronger Person Than You

It’s good to have someone around the room monitoring you and motivating ( or intimidating ) you, even if we’re talking about the “big” (muscular) person out there. This way, you will be much more determined to increase the intensity.

Load The Bar / Dumbbell With Smaller Weights

It’ll look a little easier, and your brain won’t think it’s too hard to lift. The mental advantage you gain can help you lift higher weights or do more repetitions.

Exercise Barefoot Or Sport Shoes With Thin / Low Soles

When there is less material between your feet and the floor, fewer obstacles, more muscles in your body will activate. This advice I give you here is also valid for lifting (where you will shorten the distance that the dumbbell has to travel). If you train at home or in a “hardcore” gym (without too many rules for outfits), stay barefoot. If the room does not allow this, wear some slim-soled sports shoes.