The Reasons for Choosing Breast Pump and Tips for Buying It

Providing exclusive breastfeeding for babies is the dream of most mothers. However, there are some conditions where it is difficult for mothers to breastfeed their babies directly so they prefer to use a breast pump. Speaking of breast pump, let us find out the reasons for using a breast pump and some tips for buying a breast pump.

Reasons for Using a Breast Pump

There are several reasons why a mother prefers to use a breast pump, including:

  • A breast pump helps indirect breastfeeding. Pumping breast milk will help increase milk supply (in addition to direct breastfeeding)
  • Feeding when the mother is not around. This is especially helpful if you work outside the home and need someone else to feed the baby during the day.
  • Giving time to rest for mom and allowing spouses or other family members to feed the baby while mom is resting.
  • If the mother has certain medical conditions, if she cannot breastfeed directly because the baby is born prematurely, or because of surgery, or there are other health problems.

A manual breast pump works by imitating the sucking action of a nursing baby. A cup, or breastplate, is placed over the nipple and then the mother pumps the handle to create a vacuum in the breast thereby stimulating the flow of milk, which then passes into a plastic container or bottle. If you are looking for quality manual and electric breast pumps in Sri lanka, visit or

Tips for Buying a Breast Pump

Meanwhile, if you decide to use a breast pump, you should consider the following tips.

  1. What do you expect from a breast pump

Making a list of your expectations about breast pumps will make it easier for you when looking for breast pumps in stores or when looking for them in online stores. As a rule, if you don’t make a list, it might be a little difficult because you could be missing one thing.

Make sure the specifications you are looking for are according to your needs, whether you need to supply a lot of breast milk or need a breast pump just to empty your breasts every now and then.

  1. Borrow or rent a breast pump from a friend

Currently, there are quite a number of breast pump rental services that offer their products on online media such as Instagram. You can take advantage of this before deciding which breast pump to buy.

If it’s not possible to rent, you can take a look at your relative or friend’s breast pump and see if it fits your breasts or not. You better do this long before giving birth, so you don’t rush.

  1. Select a dual breast pump

There are various types of breast pumps that are offered in the market with various types. The specifications of the manual pump are not much different, the only thing that distinguishes it is the quality of the funnel and the lever. So, if you plan to buy an electric pump, you should choose a double funnel so that the pumping process can be more effective and efficient.

  1. Choose a funnel that is suitable for your breasts

A good breastfeeding funnel will not make you feel too sick or torture during the pumping process. Mother’s breasts have different shapes, so don’t hesitate and choose the breast pump funnel that suits you.

Finally, those are a few reasons why a mother uses a breast pump and how to choose a breast pump that suits you. Anyway, breast pump can really help mothers in breastfeeding their babies when they are not home or when they do not have to breastfeed their babies directly. Of course, you should choose the right breast pump according to your wishes.