The Type of Door of Your Bespoke Wardrobe Makes the Difference

Having a customised wardrobe is an excellent addition to any bedroom. You can have wall-to-wall storage for your clothes, linen, shoes, and accessories. The amount of space that a fitted wardrobe can occupy should be as aesthetically pleasing outside as it is functional and practical inside.

One of the things that make a bespoke wardrobe look great is the door. The type of door you choose for your wardrobe creates a statement because it is the first thing that you will see.

Here are some ideas on what style of door you should choose to fit your bedroom.


If your fitted wardrobe door is painted in a neutral colour that goes with the rest of the room, you can add some interest by going for a panelled design. It may look simple, but it gives the doors and the room an element of texture and character. Yet, the design is still understated, so the overall feel is serene and peaceful.


Adding full-length mirrors on your wardrobe doors provides two benefits. One, you can view the overall look of what you are wearing or trying on. Second, if the wardrobe faces a window, the mirrors will bounce the light, illuminating your room. Likewise, the mirrors will give the illusion of a much bigger place.


If you want some contrast and to add a warm feeling to your room, use doors with a wooden finish or a timber veneer. The textured finish will create a pleasing contrast with plain panels and will go well together with metallic doorknobs and light fittings made of brass.

Simple and light

Sometimes, the illusion of having a spacious and airy room can be achieved by keeping things simple. If you have a small bedroom, it is better to keep things simple and minimal. If your fitted wardrobe occupies almost all of the available area, choose doors with a smooth, flat design. With the door surface reflecting the available light, it can turn your bedroom into a spacious, airy, and light area where you can relax and recharge.

No handles

If you find knobs and handles on wardrobe doors off-putting, choose flat-fronted doors that do not have handles. Without things that protrude, your wardrobe will blend seamlessly into the bedroom space. The grooves that replace the handles will give additional interest to the doors. You can also opt for push locks. If the area in front of the wardrobe is narrow, sliding doors are a better option.

Soften up

Another way to add artistry to your bedroom is by using wall and fabric coverings. Use bed linen, throws, and cushions that either complement one another or contrast with each other. In the same way, you can soften your wardrobe doors’ look by covering it in vinyl wallpaper with a fabric-like finish that adds more texture to the wardrobe.

Interesting lines

Choose tongue-and-groove panelling to add modernity and rustic appeal to the wardrobe doors. Even if the doors are painted in a basic colour, the vertical lines will provide interest, adding faint shadows that give the otherwise plain doors a unique design.

Discuss door options with a designer, so you can get help in choosing the right wardrobe doors that will complement your bedroom décor.