The Typical Areas That Are Missed When Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a home, it can feel as though that task can never end. Now, since more people are working at home, this has caused the home to get dirtier much faster than ever before.

  1. The Interior Of Appliances

In many cases, the same appliances that you actually use to clean often don’t get cleaned themselves. Unfortunately, if you allow these appliances to get dirtier over time, this will negatively impact how well they work and they will breakdown or have various issues over time.

Washing Machine

There are lots of products that can be used to clean your washing machine. However, you do need to put in the effort. There is a rubber seal located around the drum where lots of dirt and grime tends to build up. So, make sure to clean this every week. All you need is some white vinegar to quickly clean in.


There are also many products available that you can use for cleaning dishwashers. Even if you don’t have any of these specific cleaning agents, all you need is a cup of vinegar. Simply place it on the top rack and it will clean it. Make sure that you clean your dishwasher once every month.

  1. Behind Your Household Furniture

Unfortunately, behind furniture such as beds, desks, wardrobes, sofas etc tend to build up lots of dirt and dust over time. These areas are often forgotten about when cleaning. It is recommended that you clean these areas at least once every 3 or 6 months. In many cases, you won’t have to move the entire piece of furniture. These areas don’t usually get serious stains so you don’t need to worry about washing or polishing them. Instead, all you need is a vacuum cleaner to vacuum these hard to reach areas. In many cases you can simply use your vacuum’s long attachment to get to these areas. If you don’t clean behind your furniture then the heavy build up will cause you to have dry skin, itchiness, allergies, sneezing etc. It is especially important to do a covid deep clean.

  1. Home Office Tech

In most commercial offices, the physical technology usually gets quite dusty and is a great area for bacteria to breed. In addition, they usually collect lots of food crumbs as well as skin cells due to daily usage. If you are working from home then it is even more critical that you clean your home office and IT equipment on a regular basis. This will ensure that your office space is clean and ensure that your tech doesn’t malfunction. With that said, how do you clean small crevices, between hinges and buttons?


When it comes to your keyboard, your fingers would be making contact with them quite regularly. As a result, between the buttons usually have a lot of space for dirt, skin cells and germs. Typically, a keyboard has approximately 3,500 bacteria and your mouse around 1,500 bacteria. With that said, it is quite difficult to clean them. So, you should aim to clean and wipe down your keyboard and mouse at least once per week. You should also clean them with compressed air regularly.


You will likely use your mobile phone at home, however, it is also important to clean it. It best to clean it with a microfiber cloth at least once every day. Make sure to also clean your phone cause using a simple mixture of water and a small amount of soap.