Tips to Build an Effective Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy designed to help people find physical locations via organic search results. It doesn’t mean that only small businesses like electricians, computer repair shops, garages, or plumbers need local SEO. Businesses like retail stores, restaurants, hotels, financial services, real estate agencies, etc. also require foot traffic.

When someone in Sydney, Australia Google’s for ‘barber shops in Sydney’, they will see many local options on the result page. The local SEO strategy helps to gain ranking on the first page.

The top factors influencing local rankings are –

  • Relevance
  • Proximity
  • Prominence

How to build a local SEO strategy?

For better local search performance, the professionals at digital marketing agency Australia will modify the SEO strategy with local ranking factors.

  • Keyword research – Optimize your listing with local signals as it has to show location to seekers. Focus on your actual location rather than bothering with exact matching keywords like ‘barber near me’
  • Competitive analysis – Check the keywords your local competitors rank for and leverage the finding. Look at their backlink profiles to identify their sources and add those media outlets, local resources, and blogs to your target list for link building.
  • GMB optimization – Google My Business optimization helps to authenticate your business. You show up on local searches including local pack and Google Maps.
  • Bing Places optimization – What ranks with Google may not rank in Bing, so optimize Bing Places profile and capture Bing’s local search traffic.
  • Citations audit & optimization – Citations are a crucial factor for local search engine ranking. They are online business mentions including your business name and contact details.

For example, social media profiles and local business directories like Bleen. It is a service finder platform connecting businesses and customers around Australia. Make sure that your business NAP is consistent across every citation to avoid confusion. Google trusts consistent information and people use it to directly search your business.

  • Local on-page optimization – Optimize the Meta descriptions, title tags, home page, local landing page, internal linking, Schema markup, and ensure that the navigation is logical and smooth.
  • Acquire reviews – Google uses online reviews as a trusted signal and factors heavily in rankings. Use call to action or CTAs requesting visitors to write a review of your product or services. Bad reviews cannot be deleted but controlled holistically through activating happy customer voices and dwarfing negative review impact.
  • Make strategy scalable – If your business has several branches spread nationally or internationally to stay scalable is hard. The information has to stay consistent, reviews managed, and reporting business changes are the tasks that regional employees will need to manage. To ensure scalability of your Local SEO strategy use local SEO automation tools.

Backlink building is also essential to enhance your local SEO strategy. On, you can read the blog post on why SEO backlinks are important to gain online traffic and credibility. Local businesses can also create a blog or do some guest blogging and post SEO-rich content including links that directs to your website. In this way you get good traffic, build professional relationships and connections with niche influencers.