Tourist attraction: what to do in Ipoh and what the best places are there!

Malaysia’s third largest city is Ipoh. And it is world famous for its cuisine and white coffee. There are various colourful street arts that attract tourists during the trip through Malaysia. Are you ready for this amazing trip? Read this article!

Ipoh Attractions

  • Witness the beauty of Street Arts of Ipoh- If you like street art you will LOVE Ipoh! Because the city has dozens of panels scattered everywhere. There is even a treasure hunt map for you to play hunting for the arts. So, get a map at the city’s tourist information centre, wear a good pair of sneakers, and get lost in the colourful alleys of Ipoh.
  • Drink the famous White Coffee- Malaysia’s famous White Coffee comes from the city of Ipoh. But it does not mean that the coffee is white. In the process of roasting this coffee, the beans are roasted with margarine, which results in lighter coffee beans with a slightly caramelized taste. But the touch of genius is only given when served, since white coffee is sweetened with condensed milk.
  • Wander the Concubine Lane- the Concubine Lane is a long street that was built in 1908. And the curious name goes back to the stories of how the Chinese and British tycoons used to keep their lovers in this area, away from the eyes of their wives.
  • Visit the Ling Sen Tong Temple- the Ling Tong Sen Temple is one of the three super colourful temples that was built at the foot of a limestone hill in Ipoh.
  • Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple and Zen Gardens- the Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple is less colourful but it is the most impressive of all. There is a cave inside of the temple, and also you can see several Buddha statues, beautiful stalactites on the ceiling and even a garden outside.

The site was used as a source of iron extraction in 1960.

  • Old Post Office and Town Hall- The old post office building is one of the most imposing buildings in Ipoh. Built in 1913, it attracts the attention of those who pass through the region thanks to its Victorian neo-Renaissance architecture.
  • Michael’s Institution- The St. Michael Institute is actually a school for boys. The building was built in 1912 and was maintained in almost the original way. It is worth going there to have a look. Especially since it is very close to the tourist information centre of the city, a mandatory stop for maps and tips.
  • Train station- There is also the Ipoh Train Station, which is part of the list of tourist attractions in the city.


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