UAE Tourism More Than Just Sun, Sand, and Shopping Malls

The UAE has grown into many things, but it’s mostly known as one of the best holiday destinations in the world today. It is one of the top-rated countries in the Middle East and North Africa. As more visitors flock to the UAE to experience the culture, entertainment, and climate, the country is more than just sun, sand, and shopping malls. The UAE has been concentrating on showcasing the country in a different light. The focus has been on other types of tourism.

Why the UAE’s Tourism Continues to Thrive

The UAE is known for its climate and the breathtaking dunes; however, there is more than skyscrapers and sand. Each year, the UAE welcomes more and more visitors who come to explore the rich culture and unique sites.

Many people love traveling to the UAE because the country is safe, whether traveling alone or with your family. The country is also known as an aviation hub connecting the world. The strategic location of the UAE makes it the ideal place to connect the East and West.

People also visit the UAE for the greatest shopping experience. Since the country is very hot, shopping malls are designed for more than shopping. For instance, the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai has the largest indoor ski slope and real-life penguins.

UAE Tourism Goes Beyond Sun, Sand, and Shopping Malls


What comes to mind when you hear the name UAE? Is it sand, sun, and shopping malls? You are right, but the country has more to offer when it comes to tourism.

Business Tourism

Tourism has risen in the UAE due to the focus on completing significant buildings and attracting international seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. The UAE has constructed sophisticated facilities that attract important business events like exhibitions and conventions. You will find more than one four and four-star hotel in Dubai. These factors continue to attract more tourists to business events in the country.

The availability of various conventional centers provides healthy competitions, which drives innovation; this continues to attract more global events. For instance, ADNEC hosts international events like the World Green Tourism Congress and IDEX; this is one of the largest defense exhibitions in the world. The World Trade Center in Dubai also hosts important international conventions.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the act of traveling to a foreign country for healthcare. Medical tourism is popular in the UAE because of various reasons like the introduction of medical centers and therapy resorts, the availability of favorable prices, and hosting international medical conferences.

Many hospitals across the UAE have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, which is one of the world’s leading accreditation organizations. These health facilities attract many medical tourists. These tourists prefer treatment in the UAE because of the quality services offered in modern hospitals with qualified physicians. Patients look for personalized care, quality elective and cosmetic surgical procedures, dental procedures, diagnostics, and check-ups.

Event Tourism

It is not just tourists who conduct business or come for treatment are attracted to the UAE. The many events and conventions held in the country are designed to attract a lot of tourists. Events tourism compliments what is already available in the country.

Tourism figures continue to soar due to international events, for instance, the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 car racing event, which attracts sports lovers from around the world. Also, in Dubai, the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Desert Classic, Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship, and the International Jazz Festival attracts more visitors.


Although the UAE has never been known to be eco-friendly, in recent years, Abu Dhabi has been on the front line to promote green living. This eco-agenda was promoted to join other countries to protect and conserve the environment. This has, in turn, attracted more visitors who are environmentally conscious.

There are various eco-resorts like Sir Bani Yas Island that was once an inhabitable desert island at the coast of Abu Dhabi was transformed and now hosts various wildlife. There are gazelle, Arabian Oryx, dolphins, sea turtles, and deer. Visitors relax in the lounge; enjoy educational activities, and safari tours. All these activities are aimed at enhancing and protecting the island’s natural wildlife and ecosystem.

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, on the other hand, established the Environmental Advisory Board and an environmental program which advocates for the reduction of hotel carbon emissions by at least 20%. Dubai also hosts the Dubai Green Tourism Awards, where hospitality companies and hotels are recognized and awarded for environmental-friendly practices.


The UAE is a beautiful and unique place to visit with all the golden dunes, majestic sun, and vast shopping malls. However, there is more to this country. More visitors travel to the UAE for treatment, events, business, and because of its eco-friendly initiatives.