Understanding the things to consider when choosing the industrial storage choices

Industrial storage is a wide range of storage option that includes simple shelving and racking to huge warehousing facilities, the outdoor storage solutions for both the short and long-term industrial storage facilities.

This article is about understanding the various options that are available for industrial storage and the major factors that need to be considered when selecting the industrial storage solution for your business.

Types of industrial storage

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is the secure yard that offers the large scale storage of industrial equipment used in industries such as construction business, vehicles and agricultural equipment, petrochemical products like the oil and gas industries. All of the products that would not be damaged by outdoor conditions such as climatic changes is stored outdoor.

Indoor Storage

The indoor storage warehouse space is provided by the warehousing service to store the products that should be undercover. Mac Logistics provide the indoor storage space for the storage of perishable and securely store valuable products.

Bonded warehouse space 

The bonded warehouse is where the goods that are liable to import duty or VAT are securely stored. Warehouse storage space is offered until the goods are ready to be sold or when it is exported to a new location.

Portable warehouse facility

The outdoor space on any spare land is used as the portable warehouse facility with some portable structures such as the tents, stainless steel framework, or inflatable shelter. The warehouse facility owners should confirm the additional storage conditions such as heating, lighting, security risk and insurance coverage.

Self-storage lock-ups

Self-storage lock-ups could be as small as the garage size units to larger warehouse complexes that are divided into smaller space for storages. The store space is rented out depending on the requirement for a certain period, with the main door keys handed over to the businessman and you may lock up at your convenience. The facility is provided with the best security service such as the CCTV monitoring and guarded staffs. Self-storage lock-ups is generally used for smaller items with the shelving units and racks.

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The major factors when considering an industrial storage service are –


The duration of the industrial storage facilities that you need – short term storage or long-term storage


The cost of the rented space, leased premise or when buying a warehouse unit or outdoor facility outright


Quantity and size of each good that can be stored at the


The requirement of the kind of indoor covered space – a temperature-controlled environment, or outdoor storage


Check for all the legislation rules and permits and authorised supplier agreements, customs and excise controls, movement restrictions, duty payments, permits and movement traceability requirements.

Insurance and security of products

The insurance requirement and the security products like the CCTV, fencing, gated access and the key access – all of it helps in determining the value of the service.

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