Virtual Phone System and its Advantages in Industry


The cloud technology is taking almost all existing technologies to its new heights and giving new meanings, which were previously unthinkable. Cloud computing is not only changing technological aspects of technology scalable but also making it highly efficient, flexible, less costly and accessible from anywhere. Virtual Phone System is also an example of Cloud technology. Virtual Phone System, as the name suggests, is highly reliable, non-hardware required and cloud-based phone system. Virtual phone numbers which is one of the services of a virtual phone system can be toll-free, local, international or vanity number and can route/transfer/forward call to any device connected with that number like – a mobile, landline, IP phones, computers or tablets. This system allows one to make or receive long-distance calls from any part of the globe. As mentioned earlier it works on cloud technology, which makes it highly convenient, portable and smooth as compared to old telephonic system.

How does it Work:

Working of virtual phone system from Google voice alternative such as Mightycall is very simple. When a person calls on your number that person gets customized and preinstalled greetings and after that, the call forwards directly to you through your device regardless of your location.

However, in case if you couldn’t attend the call it goes to the next available extension accompanied by someone or to voicemails.


  1. In contrast to big organizations, any start-up or small business belongs to any niche can also be benefited from virtual phone system services if it uses this cloud technology efficiently and mindfully by allowing one to make a toll-free call, access services or order products.
  1. A business can opt for many virtual numbers tailored with menu and voicemail recording options and connect them to one particular desired location. It gives an impression to one’s mind that your business is not only highly sophisticated but easy accessible which is critical in its being consistently successful.
  1. Compared to traditional on-premise systems which are limited to one location these can be operated from anywhere till you have an internet connection and don’t require costly and massive hardware and easy to install, configure and can be managed through one point online dashboard.
  1. One needs to commit for a long term and has to pay extra money for service up-gradation in old on-premise phone service which is not the case with a virtual phone system as it doesn’t ask for long term commitments and comes with free updates and upgrades along with 24*7 customer support.
  1. Apart from the facilities of making, receiving and forwarding calls, this service also gives features of unlimited VoIP, SMS, texting, team messaging and conferencing.
  1. Data and information float through an encrypted network which is further encapsulated with mandatory authentications which make this virtual system almost unbreakable and also retain its confidentiality.
  1. One of the features which are not available in traditional phones is you can dictate and manage your incoming calls, voicemails, and messages. In business hours calls can be directed to you or any of your attendants having an extension or your voicemail when you or any of your employee off from workstation or after business hours. Moreover, you get features of auto-receptionist, dial by name, conferencing, faxes, HD video calls, depending on your service provider and plan.


Virtual phone system, which is based on cloud technology, is cost-efficient, reliable, and equally affordable by individual, new or small businesses. It is based on internet, which makes it flexible, movable and far reachable for commonplaces, which was not so possible with its precedent conventional telephonic system.