Ways to Execute A Giveaway Effectively

Giveaways are one of the excellent ways to connect with customers. They can be greatly helpful for brand exposure. Furthermore, Lucky Draw Software help you to carry out lucky draws for your business in a convenient and smooth way. It helps to emphasize your brands and promote your business effectively.

Here are some ways to conduct an effective giveaway.

Social Media Exposure

A giveaway is a marketing strategy. It helps to create a free advertisement for your company and brand. Likewise, marketing through social media helps to create leads for your company, improves relationships with customers, increases traffic for your website, and helps search rankings.

Select the Contest for Giveaways

There are usually three kinds of promotions such as lottery, contest, and sweepstakes for giveaways. For the lottery, customers need to make a certain monetary contribution or purchase to participate. Likewise, conducting a contest requires some effort and skills to get a reward. For example, famous contests include video, photo, essay, etc. The winners are selected by vote or special judges. And, sweepstakes is entirely luck-based and doesn’t require any skills.

The Contests are primarily more effective than sweepstakes and lottery.

Select the Suitable Platform

After selecting the types of a contest for the giveaways, you need to select the proper platform to host it. There are different options available such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, your own Website if any, or Twitter. Also, you can conduct the exact contest on different social platforms and choose the winner from each platform. It can increase the participation of your customers and creates more awareness and exposure of your brands. It’s an excellent way to develop brand loyalty.

Mention Deadline

Providing a deadline offers you multiple advantages. You can avoid late entries of customers and you can prevent them from turning away. You might miss the opportunity to gather customer information if your customer chooses not to share their personal information. Therefore, for these reasons, setting a deadline keeps you profitable and relieves your headaches.

Set the Clear Rules

Rules always set discipline in your contests. You should ensure that your rules are within legal requirements. It helps to avoid confusion during contests. Some of the things you need to consider for setting rules are judgment criteria, odds of winnings, eligibility such as age, location, dates to choose winners and prize distributions, confidentiality regarding the identity of a winner, etc.


You need to follow some of the above-mentioned points to conduct your giveaways effectively. It makes your business profitable and at the same time, you can earn loyal customers for your brand and company.