Ways to Find Your New Logistics Services Partner

Are you still having second thoughts about hiring a new distribution and warehousing partner in Malaysia today? Well, you may need to go over your business operations again and see if you need a different team to improve your outdated logistical processes. It may only be challenging to spot these replaceable things if you do not know what to look for.

Better set a meeting with the rest of your business partners to discuss these issues on your current warehouse logistics and distribution systems. Share with them your plans on how you want a new provider to do the updates for your organization. Consider their recommendations as they may have better ones to help you with the improvement.

Never forget about your warehousing and logistics teams that are directly affected by your logistical business concerns. You can either also meet with them or observe how they complete their daily tasks using your operational systems. Consider these observations as you decide to get a new logistical partner soon.

Try reviewing your records to confirm if your business is indeed suffering from these logistical concerns. Be more alarmed if these problems are due to the inefficiency of your current logistics provider in Malaysia. There might be no other reasons for you to consider and choose to replace them in an instant if they cause all these troubles.

But then again, you can still give them the benefit of the doubt and consider other grounds that may cause you these logistical issues. These may include disputes within your organization that you also need to handle efficiently. Nonetheless, work with a new warehousing and logisticspartner to manage them for you!


Signs You Need a New Courier Partner

As mentioned, you need to consider many other reasons before deciding to partner with a different warehousing and logisticsprovider. These may range from usual to unconventional ones that you never expect are clear signals for you to work with a new business partner now. Here are some of them that will help you straighten out your plans today:


Late Shipments

Begin with the most common issue you might observe when you have faulty logistical operations – your late shipments. It may be because of your incompetent workforce, malfunctioning machines, or inefficient lorry transport services from your logistics provider. Whatever the reason it may be, you should act on such problems immediately.

It may only become more concerning if your deliveries that are supposed to be behind their schedules did not arrive at all. You should also be more worried if such mishandling issues happen to you frequently with your current provider. You may skip doing further investigations as you may already need a more credible warehousing and logisticspartner when such issues arise.

Unproductive Employees

It should also bother you when your employees become unproductive as soon as you hire your current warehouse and transport services provider in Malaysia. You may need to speak with them and check if they have concerns with your current supplier. Listen to their grievances since these will help you decide whether you should proceed with your plans or not.

As stated, it would always be great if you check on your business records. Apart from giving everyone fair judgment, it also provides you with real-time data about your current warehousing and logisticsoperations. You can never doubt such written documents as they will not at any time lie with such details.

Complaining Customers

Apart from your workforce, you should also hear complaints from your customers about your logistics services. These include issues about your late shipments, missing deliveries, and mixed-up transactions due to your unsystematic business operations. That’s why having a reliable logistical partner is a must if you want to avoid these client concerns.

Never wait for these simple disagreements to worsen and cause your regulars to walk out of their subscriptions instantly. You should also be careful if they start leaving negative reviews about your business. Always prioritize them and make the necessary changes to your warehousing and logisticssystems now.

Financial Losses

But if you choose to disregard all these complaints, then expect to lose some valuable funds for your business. You can start with the profit you will miss out on when your regular customers cancel their orders due to your problematic logistics services. Besides, you can never blame them if you have such difficulties in the first place.

Objections from your current employees may also result in unexpected financial losses. They may either have problems meeting your daily quotas or produce no product at all due to your inefficient warehouse and transportpartner. Heed their suggestions now before you even go bankrupt anytime soon.

Losing Competition

Lastly, try observing how your competitors perform in the market to determine if you need a new logistics partner in Malaysia. You can scout on their current logistical operations and compare them with what you currently have. Consider their edge over your business to know how to keep up with your competition.

It may sound unusual at first, but you may also choose to partner with their go-to warehousing and logisticsprovider. They might be receiving excellent service from them that you also need to sustain your business operations. But it would be great that you avail more than what they usually get to somehow create an advantage over your rivals.


Essential Offers of Your Service Provider

If you observe any of these alarming signs in your organization today, you can now proceed into looking for your new warehouse and transportprovider. But would you know the different offers they must provide for them to be the right ones you need? Well, here are some of them to help you choose the perfect partner for your business:


Distribution Assistance

First and foremost, check their available transport and distribution services to see if they fit with your current logistical needs. These include their same-day delivery service, door-to-door shipments, and 24-hour assistance. You may also consider their connections with other providers to ensure your timely product dispatch.

It would also be great if they cater to cross border transport services outside Malaysia. Check if they have enough vehicles to provide your service to nearby regions like Singapore and Brunei. You may also confirm if they can process shipments overseas through air or ocean freight forwarding for your added comfort.

Must-Have Offer: Always choose to partner with a warehousing and logisticsprovider who can help you from start to finish. These include their assistance in preparing your items for delivery, completing necessary papers, and ensuring that your receivers get them on schedule. It will also help if they allow you to track your shipments at your convenience.

Storage Options

It is also essential that your chosen business partner provides you with more than their usual lorry

and overseas. That means more savings for you since you no longer need to put up your own depot to store your goods. You may only need to settle fees to rent out these spaces that they usually include in their service packages at competitive rates.transport services. These include their warehousing offers that would make your logistical operations more efficient for everyone in your workplace. Moreover, lessen their workload if you have a reliable team managing your inventory for you.

They may even offer you warehouse facilities located in Malaysia

Must-Have Offer: Confirm if they have skilled in-house inspectors to check on your items before sending them out for transport from their warehouse. They should be able to ensure that your shipments are correct based on your shared delivery details. Best if they can provide you with updates as soon as they ship them.

Efficient Solutions

Apart from their usual warehousing and transport services,they should also provide you with efficient and logical solutions for your delivery concerns. These include alternative options that will not only ensure your timely shipments but also save you more. Besides, your business partner should help you for the better and not take advantage of you.

Are you familiar with Less than Container Load or LCL shipment distributions? Well, it is when your provider ships your goods along with other cargo boxes in a freight container if you only have a few to send out. You can avail of such service if you want to save yourself from paying for an entire vessel despite your limited number of shipments.

Must-Have Offer: Itmay only worry you at first since it will be hard to guarantee if your items will not get mixed up with other products inside the container. You might also have doubts if they get to deliver it on time as scheduled. You need to look for a reliable provider known for its efficient LCL shipmentoffer.

All-Around Service

It is also advisable that you look for a warehousing and logistics partner that offers its services to all business types. Check if they cater to different industries in the region and ensure that your organization is one of them. Best if you confirm this first with them before you even book them for your upcoming shipments.

But if your company is not on their target clients, you can still check if they can attend to your specific shipment and transport needs. Some providers offer such special arrangements to cater to more clients. You may never know; they might even throw in some discounts for you and your team to enjoy.

Must-Have Offer: Request a copy of their industry profile to learn more about their recommended logisticsservices based on your business background and field. You can also check if they can provide your specific distribution requirements when you have some on your notes. Nevertheless, choose to discuss these with them to only get the best for your company.

Good Reputation

Most importantly, only choose to work with a reputable logistics partner in Malaysia. It may be difficult to confirm if they have a good reputation if all of them claim to be the best ones in the market today. But believe it or not, you only need several proofs to determine if they are indeed highly regarded by many.

Start by looking for review sites that share details about their warehouse and logistics services. Use these commentaries to gauge whether they can provide your much-needed assistance or not. You can also search for testimonials from their past clients who can tell more about their experiences working with your preferred business partner.

Must-Have Offer: Their list of clients will also prove their distinction as a reputable service provider in the region. You can check their previous partnerships with other businesses and see if they are also trusted by most. You may even be surprised that your new warehouse and logisticspartner has worked with some of the prominent companies today.


How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Partnership?

Now that you know when and how you should find your new warehousing and logistics provider in Malaysia, you can prepare for your new partnership with one soon! But are you clueless again on where to start? Here are some tips you can begin with as you get ready for your first business contract with them:

  • Always kick off with a detailed checklist of your business requirements. These should include your needed transport services, storage solutions, and logistical assistance to improve your current operations. You may also note any suggestion you’ll get that will ensure your flawless organizational update.
  • Set your budget and somehow stick with it if you can. Best if you request a cost estimate of your supposed spending from your preferred warehousing and logistics partner for comparison. You can then gauge whether you should increase your initial fund allocation or not.
  • It will also help if you can already determine the specific assistance you plan to avail from your service provider. These include the usual lorry transfer, LCL shipment distribution, and other forwarding solutions that will fit your needs. Again, only choose those where your company will benefit the most.

Better yet, share your plans with Hock Cheong Logistics to only get the best warehousing and logisticsassistance for your business today. They also offer the above mentioned essential offers that will help you and your team for sure! Check their website now to learn more about how you can discuss this future partnership with them soon.