What Are 5 Edible Bouquets To Gift In Singapore?

Giving flowers as a present to someone special at certain moments is a common thing we do. Many flowers can be arranged, such as roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, or maybe a combination of various flowers. Unfortunately, the flower bouquets that we give often turn out to be redundant because flowers are only beautiful when they are originally given. Then over time, it will wither and then end up in the trash.

So that it doesn’t go to waste, you can personalize your loved one’s favorite things into a bouquet. You can be creative with their favorite foods ranging from snacks, chocolate, and other foods. This food present is no less beautiful than a flower, and it is guaranteed that the recipient will be super happy. Plus, the items can be eaten or stored, so there is no need to be afraid that they will wither and continue to be thrown away.

If your lover doesn’t like flowers, then this food present is right to be given to him. However, not all food can be assembled into a bouquet. Only foods that are durable and don’t break down easily can be put in. If you are confused about what foods to make into a bouquet, then you can try these snacks.

  1. Snack Bouquet

A snack bouquet is suitable for your friends who like to eat snacks. You can provide snacks that the recipient likes. Nowadays, a snack present is the first choice for congratulating them on birthdays, Valentine’s, and graduations. You can buy them online or make your present. Commonly used snacks are crackers, candy, wafers, instant noodles, chocolate snacks, milk boxes, biscuit sticks, cookies, etc.

To make it, make sure you buy materials that fit your budget. You only need Scissors, Cardboard, Ribbon, Flannelette or Cellophane paper, hot glue, or double-sided tape. Then you just stick the snacks on the cardboard and wrap them like flower arrangements. Then decorate it with a ribbon tied in a knot to make it look beautiful.

  1. Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate has long been a favorite snack for almost everyone. It is synonymous with the symbol of love and affection. So it’s only proper that chocolate is often used as a gift when there are romantic moments or as a tool to strengthen friendship ties.

For the most special person, of course, it must be special. Chocolate can be the right choice of gifts because it can improve the mood of anyone who consumes it. Some substances can increase endorphins. This one hormone’s job is to reduce pain and stressful thoughts. Chocolate will also help blood flow to the brain so that the mind is fresher. Therefore, chocolate is the right choice for those who often experience stress. Or you can give this as a symbol of apology to your cranky lover.

Many choices of this gift, you can choose various types and shapes of chocolates to give to your loved ones. Starting from chocolate that is round, with initial letters or numbers, to wrap. Even now, you don’t have to bother buying flowers and chocolates separately. Nowadays, many are selling roses put together online. You can buy it online, and there are so many types of chocolate bouquet Singapore.

  1. Vegetable Bouquet

This one is very suitable to be given to a married woman. In addition to the benefits of being able to cook it, this can cut the wife’s spending. So for husbands, you can try this one to give to your beloved wife. You can give this for free or on special days. To enhance the visuals, combine various kinds of vegetables from various colors. For green vegetables, you can give spinach, broccoli, cucumber, or green chilies. As for the red color, you can add red chilies, red peppers, and tomatoes. Don’t forget to add bright colors, too, like lemon, carrots, eggplant, radishes, and garlic.

Not only are they suitable for gifts for a married woman, but they are also suitable for those who have a healthy lifestyle or are dieting. You can give this to your friend as an appreciation for losing weight after dieting. You can even make it an option for a mother’s day gift to your mother.

  1. Fruit Bouquet

This one can be great for everyone. Fruit parcels will always be the perfect item to take with you at any time. Apart from that, they offer a lot of healthy food for a person and provide additional decoration to their home. It can make the interior look great by simply adding it to the dining table or other nook around the room. More attractive, they tend to be more affordable than others, making them perfect for everyone’s pocket. If you bring it as a holiday gift, it may last the whole season and still provide the entire family with plenty of delicious treats.

Or you can also take him to visit a relative who is sick. Fruit contains many vitamins that can help the healing process of a disease. You can use just one type of fruit or a combination of various types of fruit that have various colors, such as pineapple, orange, strawberry, grape, apple, avocado, dragon fruit, or plum.

  1. Dessert Bouquet

If your friend or lover has a sweet tooth, then dessert is a perfect choice! You can provide various kinds of desserts that are designed beautifully in flannel. However, make sure the dessert is wrapped in plastic so that it is not exposed to air. Then, what are the suitable desserts to assemble? Here are some desserts that can be a choice.

  • Donuts

Well, if your partner is a donut lover, it is guaranteed that he will like this gift. Forget donuts in boring packaging boxes. You can give him a bouquet filled with colorful donuts with a variety of flavors. The soft donuts combined with the aesthetic appearance are sure to make your partner flower immediately.

  • Cupcakes

You can give a cupcake decorated with buttercream shaped like a rose. Don’t forget to decorate it with a sweet sprinkle on top. Or a cupcake topped with icing sugar with the initials letters or numbers.

  • Macarons

The cute pastel colors on this French cake are the main attraction. Therefore, a macaron is also often used as a special gift for loved ones. Plus the texture that melts in the mouth, a macaron is perfect for serving as a snack when relaxing with your partner. To give a romantic Valentine-style impression, you can store macarons using a heart-shaped container.

How? Have you got a gift inspiration for your lover? If you are a person who does not want your gifts to wither and be thrown in the trash just like that, then you can make the list of gifts above. Besides, this gift can be the most unique and carve a smile on her face. If your lover lives in Singapore, then you can buy it online and use gift delivery Singapore services.