What Are the Coolest Things Wearable Technology Is Used For?


Wearable technology has become very fashionable of late. It feels like everyone has a smart watch or fitness tracker nowadays. Some people think wearable technology is nothing more than a fad and brush it off. However, these gadgets are much more than that, with their applications being as cool as they are beneficial. So, let’s dig a little deeper into wearable technology today and find out some of the best things it can be used for. Keep reading if you are a little sceptical and would like to know more.

Fitness Tracking


Let’s start with the most obvious answer. People have been using wearable technology (like the Apple Watch and Fitbit) to track their fitness levels for several years now. Smart watches can monitor our heart rates, so people are able to see how hard they have been working out. This is very helpful for fitness fanatics who want to push themselves to the next level. These gadgets can also monitor your steps and give you a reminder when you haven’t moved for a little while. People can even go swimming with them on! If you’re someone who wants to exercise more, they’re the perfect motivator.

Health Monitoring


Wearable technology can also be used for health alongside fitness. Doctors have started prescribing their patients with smart watches, so they can monitor their vitals (like heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels) from a distance. This means they don’t need to have appointments as regularly. It makes it easier for medical professionals to diagnose what’s causing underlying health problems, too. Furthermore, wearable technology can be used to monitor sleeping patterns. For example, it can track how restful the person’s sleep has been and what their oxygen variation is.

Tighten Security


Wearable devices like RFID wristbands can be used for access control and identity authentication, helping businesses to tighten their security measures. But that’s not all. This kind of technology is highly versatile and so has other security-related applications. For instance, RFID wristbands can also be used for cashless and contactless vending, plus event ticketing for occasions like festivals or business conventions. Not only are they extremely functional but also make everything so much easier and safer.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Scientists have recently developed headsets which can be used for virtual reality and augmented reality. VR immerses people in a photorealistic digital world, whilst AR superimposes computer-generated images onto our world. These wearable headsets are most commonly used for gaming, but they are also being used for training purposes. Novice surgeons, for example, are practising operations using VR headsets.

AI Hearing Aids


AI hearing aids are being developed, too. This brilliant technology can filter out background noise and automatically adapt to the wearer’s environment. It can also be used for audio streaming and translating from one language to another.

These are some of the coolest and most innovative things that wearable technology is being used for. We’re excited to see where else these fantastic devices can take us.