What Are the Things You Should Do Before You Move?

There are several reasons why people move into a new place. Some recently bought a new home, while others move out as they start a new family.  Well, regardless of the reason you have, you should know that moving somewhere else is not that easy. There are many things to do before you can move into the new place you have in mind.

That is why when you move out of your parent’s home or the place you are currently living, you should hire a moving company in Singapore. Take note that no man is an island. That means you cannot precisely move by yourself alone. Well, you can, but that would be a daunting task, and it would take so much time before you can get settled.

Just envision this scenario.

Every week you pack some things from your current place to your new home. Since you have no one by your side and prefer not to hire furniture movers in Singapore, how much time do you think you will have to spend before you finally get to relax in your new place? Quite long, right? That is how daunting moving alone is.

Sometimes, when you move by yourself, you might forget to do a couple of things. That is why you need to prepare, plan, and get everything ready before your moving date approaches. Otherwise, you might experience misfortunes along the way, and that would feel terrible.

To not let that happen to you, you should hire a moving company and follow the things written in this article. Doing so would make your move go well as planned.


Since you will have to go and live somewhere else, you need to change and update your home address so nothing will get sent from your former home. Take note that if you prolong this matter after 28 days since you move in, you are violating the law. You might have to pay S$5,000 or stay in prison for five years, or both. Here, read this report from Strait Times. They include all the details and FAQs about why and how you should update your home address.

Also, while you are doing that, be sure to update your home address in your bank account and other things you have subscriptions like newspapers and magazines. Otherwise, all updates and newsletters from them will get sent to your old address, and the current owner there will be the one receiving those, not you.

Most of all, if you plan to hire a moving company in Singapore, write the addresses legibly. Double-check if the original and destination address is on their designated text box.

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As much as you want to start anew in a new place, mental stability is not the only thing you need. You would also need to have enough savings and a stable income. Otherwise, how would you support yourself and your family? Can you even pay all of the bills with the money you have on hand? Of course not, which is why you need to have a permanent job to sustain your financial needs.

In other words, before you move, you have to make sure that you will not be out of a job. If you recently got promoted and have to relocate somewhere else, clarify the details with your employers. You have to guarantee that your relocation and promotion is not a temporary case but will last for a long time.

That ensures your time and the money you paid for movers and packers would not go to waste. Also, you would not have to say goodbye to your new neighbours and move again because you now have a stable job and income.


We know that moving into a new place is not that easy, but things are harder for children. Not only do they have to say goodbye to their best friends, but they also have to make new friends in the new environment.

As adults and their parents, it is your job to make their moving experience a lot more manageable and not a bittersweet memory. Here is a list of what you need to do.


Whether you are planning to move somewhere in Singapore or abroad, it is a good idea to show that place to your kids. Letting them know where you plan to go will put them at ease. Your kids can prepare themselves and might even plan what they want to do in the new place you both will be living in.


Besides their mental state, you should also take care of their physical health. Take note that a new beginning is something to be enjoyed and celebrated, which is why your kids should be in good health when that day comes. Therefore, go to the nearest paediatrician and have their health checked.


The final thing you should do before you move with your children is to make memories. Let them enjoy the last moments they will take a bath, eat, watch a movie, and play at that old home.

Also, never forget to capture that minute you all move out at that place. If you need help, ask the movers and packers you hired in Singapore to take your camera and picture that last moment



Of course, as much as you love your children, you should also take care of your pets. Keep in mind that they are your family, too!  They need all the love and care you can give, especially when you plan to move somewhere else. Otherwise, they might get stressed to live in your new home.

As a fur parent, you would not want that to happen, so make sure to prepare your pets before moving.  Here is your to-do list.


If you are only moving within the country, then you can bring your pets to the new house where you plan to live next. There you can play for a while and let them become familiar with the place.

While allowing your pets to explore your soon-to-be new home, talk to them. As a fur parent, you should know that they may not speak the human language, your pets can understand you better than anyone else.


Just like your children, your pets should also be in good health. That is why before you move to your prospective home, get them checked at your current vet.

While you are there, get copies of your medical records and ask your current vet to refer you to a veterinarian who can take care of your pets in your new place. Their recommendation will give you peace of mind since you would not have to worry about looking for a good one.

Most of all, on your moving date, take your pets to the vet. Ask them if they could take good care of your fur friends for a while so they would not get stressed when the moving company in Singapore comes and helps you move your belongings.



Once you start packing your things, you would notice everything looks bulky. You might even wonder how many boxes you need to store and pack your belongings until you are ready to move.

Well, not anymore if you invested in vacuum-seal bags. These items can solve that problem since they compress things to save space. As a result, you would not need many boxes to pack your stuff, and that saves you money since the moving company would not have to use another truck to transport your belongings to your new home.



Just in case that trick is not enough for your things, use your luggage bags to store them! Think of your luggage bags as boxes where you can keep everything.

Besides, since they are already bulky, you might as well use them instead of bringing them to your new home empty. That way, your luggage bags would not eat that much space of the moving truck for no reason. Plus, you can keep more valuable stuff inside, and that is less trouble for the moving company since they have fewer boxes to carry.

But do not forget to unpack what you store there once you arrive and settle in your new home. Otherwise, you might see those again the next time you need your luggage bag for a business or vacation trip.



You might think this idea seems absurd, but it works. The truth is it can make your move a lot easier since there will be fewer things to pack. As a result, you can focus more on other stuff like labelling the boxes by category, so finding them will become more manageable.

The only problem with this is that you cannot do the same thing for kitchen cabinets. Since they have fragile and sharp objects inside, keeping them in the kitchen cabinets could cause accidents. Not only would you wound yourself, but the items inside would break into pieces during the move.

That is why only use this trick with clothing cabinets that have no breakable items stored inside. Also, make sure to let the moving company in Singapore know that some closets are not empty. Doing so gives them a heads up not to become surprised when carrying them inside the moving truck.



Another thing you should remember when you move is to never unplug any of your electronics without taking pictures of them unless you know how to hook them back up.

Just imagine how you would use your desktop computer again if you have no idea which cables to attach to which connectors. See, hooking them back up is not that easy. Reading the manual might help you, but what if you no longer have it on hand?

Fret not since there is an easier way to solve this problem than watching YouTube videos, and that is to take pictures before you unplug all of the cables. By then, all you need to do is follow the pictures. Attach all of the cords to the appropriate connectors.

Just make sure that all the photos you take are in high-definition. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to reconnect everything after you move to your new place.



This thing only applies if you plan to move abroad, such as to China or India. Since you will be living in a new country, you will also be using a new currency besides Singaporean Dollar. That means you have to prepare the right paper bills, so you would not have trouble finding where you can exchange the current money you have.

Also, if you hire international movers in Singapore, you might have to settle the final bill of their service in the new country where you move. For example, if you move to China, some of your money should be in Yuan and not just in Singaporean dollars.



It is indeed exciting to move into a new place. Just imagining it is fluttering and exhausting at the same time. To appreciate this movement more, you should do these things ahead of time and make sure to ask some who can lend you a hand. Take note that being able to move without worry is a good sign of a new beginning.

That is why if you think you need a hand, let a moving company in Singapore help you out! With their expertise and years of experience, your moving process can be as easy as eating a cake!

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