What Does Unmetered Dedicated Server Mean

If a webhosting service is advertising that they offer unmetered dedicated servers cheaply, what does that mean. Here is a breakdown of what you will be getting for a cheaper price.

Dedicated servers

A cheap dedicated server unmetered means that one entire server will be for your website. You are free to use whatever software for servers on your dedicated server. Undedicated servers mean that the hosting company has several websites that they are hosting on one server and that is fine if you have a tiny website with extraordinarily little traffic. But if you have an exceptionally large website and are expecting lots of traffic then you should discuss with the hosting company about dedicated servers.

Unmetered bandwidth

What is unmetered bandwidth? Some hosting companies advertise unmetered bandwidth, simply meaning that they are offering an amount of bandwidth, such as for example, 1Gbps that you are able to use all you need. The maximum port speed for a server is limited but the amount of data transferred is not.

Check contract

If your hosting company states clearly that they offer unmetered data transfer, there could be a catch so carefully check your contract for the term “resource abuse”. This often means that bandwidth over the norm can be considered abuse of resources and they will shut you down for that.

Port speed

Another obstacle to the amount of data transfer you can use is the speed of the port. These port speeds control the data amount that can be transferred each second. Common speeds are:

  • 1Mbps = 320GB
  • 10Mbps = 3200GB
  • 100Mbps = 32000GB

If the hosting company put sport speed (for example) at 10Mbps for your plan, you will be using only 3200GM of your unlimited data transfer every month. So, you need to ask what your port speed will be.

These are just a few things to look for when choosing a hosting company for your website.