What is the best treatment for weight loss?

Weight loss is when you lose weight due to whatever reasons. There is intentional and unintentional weight loss. Intentional weight loss is usually normal and not related to any health issues or diseases. Unintentional weight loss is when you lose weight without any effort or plan of losing weight. You are not on a diet, you are not hitting the gym, you have no plan of action to lose weight, but then, you are still losing weight.

Unintentional weight loss is usually alarming or related to health issues and diseases. Although it is usually related to illnesses, sometimes, unintentional weight loss is something normal and expected. This is when you are under starvation, following military training, migration, or a decrease in appetite.

Most Malaysians are a foodie and as a result, most of us are overweight or obese. Even though most of us are foodies and struggling to lose weight by hiring a personal trainer or joining a marathon, some of us are facing the other less popular issue which is weight loss. These people are struggling to gain weight or fighting against disease.

Like body temperature, body hydrational status, and sleeping hours, weight should also maintain at an optimum level. Low body weight and obesity are both not normal or healthy. The way to measure your optimum body weight is by referring to the Body Mass Index(BMI).

BMI is used because optimum weight is different from one person to another. BMI is describing your weight in proposition to your height. So you should always keep your weight at an appropriate level concerning your height. Weight is super dynamic while height is more static.

Everyone is much aware of how to lose weight. We need to change our eating habits, diet and exercise more. However, not many know how to deal with weight loss.

Intentional weight loss is something normal, but you still need to keep it within a normal range. You should only lose 0.5 to 1kg per week and nothing more than that.

Unintentional weight loss because of things other than diseases is easily managed by directly addressing the issues. For example, If you lose weight because of starvation, then nutritional support will be adequate. On the other hand, unintentional weight loss because of health issues must be managed quickly and specifically.

Treatment for weight loss (unintentional weight loss due to diseases) is all about dealing with the causes. The first thing is to go for a health consultation. The doctor will do history taking, physical examination, and tests to diagnose the disease that causes you to lose weight. When a disease already identified, both of you will sit down and discuss the best treatment plan. For example, if you are losing weight because of diabetes, then the treatment plan will revolve around diabetic management.

Generally speaking, the conservative ways you can do to deal with weight loss in the first place are:

1- Seek immediate medical attention or advice

2- Review your diet and lifestyle

3- Start monitoring your calorie intake according to your lifestyle and keep it at a healthy level

4- Visit a nutritionist to plan a diet strategy and construct a schedule for you to follow.

5- Stay active and keep yourself hydrated

6- Consume a healthy and balanced diet