What Social Distancing Caused Game-Night. From Board Games To Mobile Apps

Since the coronavirus outbreak has forced everyone to trade their gaming night-outs for time spent at home, we are all finding ways to spice up our evening routines. Some of you are pretty sorted as gaming apps are a perfect distraction. At least for some time, these take your mind off from things happening around the world. From classics to newer options, all your favorites are now digital. Games like Monopoly, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Scrabble have all gone virtual. There are tons of websites and mobile apps with trivia, card games, and other fun activities as well. Moreover, these remote options enable you to remain active in the community while staying safe at home. 

But you may say, it is essential to stay informed as well. Nothing really changes from hour to hour. Enduring repetitious pummeling brings in only needless anxieties. You can limit the consumption to around 30 minutes or an hour, and that is all the information you need. What is more important right now is to stay sane. So, do not forget to reach out to your people and lift your spirits. Social distancing does not have to force you all to remain alone. More than ever, it is now that all of us need smart ways to stay connected. 

So to feel safe, attached, and escape from distress, mobile game downloads are seeing a significant boost. What is even more impressive is how some mobile game developers have also made their games free during this time. It only allows you to search more and try more.

Talking of board games with solo or 2-player nature, these are going massive with multiplayer dynamics. People need to feel connected to each other, and online board games serve the purpose effortlessly. In fact, online services like Board Game Arena or Roll20 are also a rage. Probably, eight months back or so, these were even hard to notice by mobile games and seemed to be making slow progress. But, in today’s tough times, these are a great way to keep you calm and distracted. Of course, the luxuries of face to face interactions have been taken away, but at least we are not losing out entirely with an online alternative in hand. To be honest, the camaraderie has survived digitalization.

Let us know how you think the pandemic will change the situation for classic board games. Gaming apps are undoubtedly convenient, and online services also offer your favorite puzzle, card, or block games. The social scenes may have disrupted for now, but fellowship does not seem to suffer.