What Technological Advancements Do Truck Companies Implement To Prevent Accidents?

Far too often, lives get lost inevitability, and death becomes the ultimate truth! Far too often, lives leave other lives and bid adieu in an unnatural way. Death, perhaps, comes to them in unusual attire, maybe in the form of truck accidents (?).

Severe injuries and fatalities resulting from truck accidents have witnessed an increase in its percentage over some yesteryears. In a truck accident, do only the drivers or people inside the truck get injured or die? It is certainly a ‘no’, given that there are so many statistical reports that indicate people traveling by other modes of transport also meet with truck accidents and lose their lives. Using technology to reduce costs due to truck accidents besides saving lives sounds great.

After all, improved driver performance & vehicle safety are significant in preventing truck accidents. Also, Spanish Speakers: Bienvenido a nuestrapágina de referencia e información de Abogados para accidente de auto en Vista California. Here are some technological implementations that play preventive roles and avoid truck accidents.

Sensors& Cameras

Manufacturers have come up with a new introduction to like sensors to detect things from the low tires. The sensors also do the parts when it comes to reducing road accidents. The introductions to rear cameras and sensors have also witnessed sheer popularity amongst drivers and car owners. For the prevention of truck accidents, rear cams and sensors have come as great blessings.

While you cannot buy technology, you certainly need to work on your budget if you wish to get these sensors and cameras and prevent accidents. Of course, they aren’t anywhere inexpensive. One can perform your own survey in order to ensure the right types of sensors and cameras for the truck.

Forward Collision-Avoidance

The crash avoidance system makes the right use of sensors& radar in order to alert the drivers the time when the truck is about to get collided with another truck or vehicle. Such situations when the truck driver cannot respond correctly, the automatic mode of the system will trigger the brakes and avoid any collision. As a result, it would lower the percentage of injuries & deaths, which result from the rear-end crashes.

Speed Limiters

Speed limiters restrict commercial trucks to the limit of the pre-set speed. These devices have been the subject to intense debates, given that truck carriers also believe that the 18-wheeler could travel slower than the highway traffic if speed limiters get installed in it. Plus, it can create speed differentials which could cause further crashes. Nonetheless, it has now become compulsory to install speed limiters weighing over 26,000 pounds as of 2018.

Eyelid Monitoring Systems

These systems will make the right use of the cabin mounted cams which are able to monitor the drivers’ eyelids. When the eyelids droop, this system will alert the driver through a warning sound that the danger is en route.


Do you know what ESC is? It’s the latest technology safely termed as Electronic Stability Control used mostly in cars. Nevertheless, if a truck installs this system & Computer-controlled systems, these devices might reduce rollovers during the emergency scenarios.

Can Technology Do Everything on Behalf of Truck Drivers?

No, one should never think that technology is a magic wand. If the driver isn’t attentive, technology can safeguard everything. Remember, accidents occur in the least expected situations. That said, drivers’ attention plays a significant role here.