What to Expect at a Patisserie in Singapore?

In Paris, patisseries are admired for their beauty. People there, especially foreigners, are intimidated to enter the shop since it can be a daunting place. What you see from the exterior design of the shop is entirely different from what you will see inside. You will be welcomed by so many sparkling confections, and it would not feel like a place that sells food because the beautiful delicacies are part of its design. Well, the good news is that you don’t exactly need to board a plane to see a shop like this. There are already patisseries in Singapore that have the same look and feel like you are in another country! If this is the first that you would be going or ordering in a shop that has a delectable traditional pastry collection, then you have clicked the right article!

From the famous croissant to the distinct paris-brest, patisseries craft some of the most intricate and mouthwatering baked goods in the world. Here, you will learn more about them so you could enjoy their offers!

Bakery versus Patisserie

From the get-go, the word bakery might have crossed your mind when you read the word pastry. Well, it is valid to question the main differences between a bakery and a patisserie. If you were to ask a baker, they would say that what makes their bread different from the pastry that you will see from a patisserie is fermentation. The bread baker always works with fermented dough with yeast or leaven. It is used for bread and some “viennoiseries” that are french croissants, chocolate rolls, brioche, Danish pastries, among others! Occasionally, they also sell hot or cold savoury snacks, such as sandwiches and pizzas.

In a patisserie, they take care of what bakers have missed–the sweet desserts! You would see cakes, tarts, custards, chocolates, confectionery, among others. A patissier could work as a pastry cook in a restaurant or they could work in a cake shop. 

Undoubtedly, there is a rivalry between the two. As a customer, you are free to go to a bakery when you are craving something savoury, but when you want something sweet to have a little boost in energy and happy chemicals, you would want to go to a patisserie near you!

What to Expect at a Patisserie?

The delicious options that you would see in a patisserie can be overwhelming since you are attracted to both design and flavour. It is a good thing because you are looking at the right qualities of these mouth-watering goods! To get the most out of your patisserie experience, it would not hurt spending time getting to know what to expect to see in their displays. 

Let this serve as your guide to what you could expect to see at a patisserie in Singapore!


Ever since the people in the 18th century discovered that there could be more than just bread-like confections with nuts and fruits, the sweet cake has become standard! Since then, the world gets to experience tasting different types of cakes. Depending on the online cake shop that you are eyeing to get an order from, you must choose a patisserie that could offer you:

  • Log cakes

A yule log cake, also known as Buche de Noel, is a cake made based on an old Christmas tradition before the medieval period. It is usually a chocolate sponge cake roll that is filled with cream and covered with chocolate ganache, and it is designed to look like a log. Today, patissiers are upgrading this tradition by coming up with different kinds of flavours that your family could enjoy in your Christmas reunion!

  • Sponge cake

Sponge cakes are a crowd’s favourite since they are unique! It is a cake that is made without any butter or oil, only eggs, vanilla, flour, and baking powder. You will see several different types of sponge cake in a patisserie in Singapore because it is easy to incorporate different recipes and flavouring in this cake. 

  • Cheesecake

Along with the bubble tea craze, you must be familiar with the creamy and sweet dessert that is cheesecake. It has one or more layers, but the main and thickest layers consist of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar! The bottom layer of this cake consists of a crust that is usually crushed cookies or graham crackers.

  • Burnt cheesecake

Just like its name, it is a cheesecake that is burnt to perfection! It is a caramelised cheesecake that has exterior parts, the top and the edge, that are dark and rich with warm notes of molasses and caramel. The inside, however, still has that standard vanilla flavour.


A macaron is a delicate meringue-based cookie sandwich that has a crunchy exterior and almost weightless interior. These nougat-like, chewy texture can be filled with frosting and salted caramel to lemon curd or chocolate ganache. More than that, they come in different colours that capture your attention. They are not as accessible as cookies since it requires the hands and skills of a patissier to make them. Though you could find them in different flavours in patisseries in Singapore today and they usually come in a box of six! It is a perfect gift to bring to children in gatherings.


Of course, a sweets shop such as a patisserie would not be complete without the ultimate dessert that has been a favourite by many. You could expect to see your favourite cookies and buy them with their other dessert combinations. Some would offer desserts and cookie boxes if you cannot choose what cookie flavour to try.

Ordering at Bellton Patisserie

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